Saturday, May 24, 2014

Depressed Goat Ends Hunger Strike After Being Reunited With Donkey Best Friend Forever

"Earlier this year, animal welfare officials seized dozens of dogs and three farm animals from the home of a hoarder. The animals were living in squalor and taken to a variety of animal care facilities.

Mr.G and Jellybean were separated for the first time in their lives when they were taken to separate animal sanctuaries in Northern California.

>> Watch the touching reunion between Mr. G and Jellybean (-->KTVU)

Officials at the Animal Place in Grass Valley took in Mr. G., but noticed immediately that something was wrong.

Animal Place officials said it didn’t matter what the staff did, the goat refused to eat and just lay in the corner of his stall.

They offered him treats like sweet grain and apples – favorite foods for a goat. But that didn’t work.
Mr. G was given a thorough physical exam and appeared to be completely healthy. After four days, officials said something drastic needed to be done.

They decided to reunite him with the burro. It took three days to go get Jellybean and transport him to Grass Valley.

When Jellybean finally arrived, as he was being unloaded from the animal trailer, Mr. G heard him and immediately leapt to his hooves and ran to the door.

Soon the two were reunited. They are now happily sharing a pen, and Mr. G is eating again."

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