Thursday, December 29, 2011

Real Headline: "Man misses mouse and shoots roommate, revealing child rapist"

<--- The Mouse Misser

A Utah man who was trying to kill a mouse ended up shooting one roommate and getting another arrested for child rape, while a fourth roommate slept through the whole thing.

Taylorsville Police Sgt. Tracy Wyant told Deseret News that the first roommate, 27, had been trying to kill a rodent when he missed and the round went through the kitchen wall and struck a second roommate, 28.

“After the gun was fired, both the roommate and Paul heard a scream,” Wyant explained.

Officers responding to the scene early Tuesday morning found a 13-year-old girl hiding in a basement closet. She told police she had been having an affair with the third roommate, 34-year-old Paul Daniel Kunzler. During an interview, the Children’s Justice Center determined that the girl had been having sex with Kunzler over a period of four months.

He was arrested on suspicion of two counts of rape of a child, three counts of sodomy of a child and three counts of sexual abuse of a child.

A fourth roommate, Zach Baker, told Fox 13 that he slept through the gunfire.

“I got woken up by the cops,” Baker said. “They came storming in my room, checking to make sure everybody was OK and nobody was shot or anything like that.”

“I’d never seen the girl there before and I don’t know how long she’d been there,” he added. “They said she’d been hiding in a closet and that creeps me out. … I knew the guy was weird, but I didn’t expect anything like that to happen.”

The roommate who was shot in the chest was taken to a local hospital, and was later upgraded from serious to stable condition, according to KSL. The roommate who fired the gun was not arrested. Charges could be possible after prosecutors review the case.

Police said they suspected alcohol was involved.


Man Killed By Train Gets Sued When His Flying Body Parts Hit Lady

Calling it a "tragically bizarre" case, an Illinois appeals court has ruled that a man killed by a train while crossing the tracks at a Chicago Metra station can be held responsible after part of his body struck and injured a bystander.

In 2008, Hiroyuki Joho, 18, was hurrying in the pouring rain with an umbrella over his head, trying to catch a Metra train, when he was struck by an Amtrak train traveling at more than 70 mph.

Several witnesses said he was smiling as the train hit him.

A large portion of his body flew about 100 feet onto the southbound platform, where it struck Gayane Zokhrabov, then 58. She was knocked to the ground, her leg and wrist broken and her shoulder injured.

A Cook County judge dismissed Zokhrabov's lawsuit against Joho's estate, finding that Joho could not have anticipated Zokhrabov's injuries.

But the appellate court disagreed. After noting that the case law involving "flying bodies" is sparse, it ruled that "it was reasonably foreseeable" that the high-speed train would kill Joho and fling his body toward a platform where people were waiting.

Leslie Rosen, who handled Zokhrabov's appeal, said although the circumstances were "very peculiar and gory and creepy," it was a straightforward negligence case, no different than if a train passenger had been injured after the engineer hit the brakes.

"If you do something as stupid as this guy did, you have to be responsible for what comes from it," she said.


Taxi Cab Confessions, Sheriff Office Style

<--- So, do you have any pot for sale?

Special Investigations Detectives completed an extensive investigation Thursday they called Taxi Cab Confessions.

Over a four month time period, undercover detectives worked as cab drivers in the Marathon area. During the course of the investigation, they purchased a number of illegal substances from people and purchased stolen property as well. Detectives made purchases of marijuana and cocaine, and also purchased six stolen GPS devices and two stolen radar detectors. The stolen property was traced back to a number of car burglaries which took place between Marathon and Cudjoe Key.

Detectives were able to identify a number of drug dealers, as well as where they lived. On Thursday morning, they wrapped up the investigation by serving a search warrant at the Marathon home of a woman who had sold them cocaine on two occasions.

For more on this visit the Monroe Sheriff's Blogger Blog HERE

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Penis Eating Rat

SDIN, now with more penis eating animals than ever before! Uh. :(

A pneumonia patient is alleged to have bled to death after rats nibbled off his penis in a government-run hospital in Kolkata, reported local media.

The horrific incident happened at the SSKM Hospital on Friday where Arun Sandhukh, 53, was seeking treatment for pneumonia, reported the Asian Age newspaper.

The hospital authorities admitted the prevalent of rat menace in the wards but did not comment further.

“No nurse was found at the scene and he was writhing in pain. His penis had been nibbled by rats,” the victim’s relative only known as Bishwanath told the media.

Only family members who came to visit Arun discovered him dead in a pool of blood, said the news report.


The "Ball Cutter", Testicle Eating Attack Fish

<--- Oh man. :(

This is the ferocious 'Ball Cutter' fish which has killed two men by biting off their testicles. A British angler has told how he snared a predator known to feast on the testicles of men. Jeremy Wade, 53, spent weeks fishing in remote Papua New Guinea after locals told him how a mysterious beast was castrating young men in the area's waters. He finally caught the perpetrator: the Pacu fish, known locally as The Ball Cutter. Jeremy wrestled the 40lb monster on the floor of his boat and opened its snapping jaws with his bare hands to discover a set of human-like teeth. The Ball Cutter boasts an impressive set of gnashers, which tear off the testicles of unwitting anglers and swimmers, leaving them to bleed to death. Jeremy, from Bath, Somerset, told how he reeled in The Ball Cutter as part of his new series of River Monsters, aired on ITV next week.


Need A New Job? Be A 'Gator Trapper

<--- We want you! HA ha!

Hillsborough County, FL -- The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s Statewide Nuisance Alligator Program is now accepting applications for contracted nuisance-alligator trappers in Hillsborough County.

Applicants must have a clean criminal record, no fish or wildlife law violations and a valid, working email address. Also, applicants must reside in the county in which they intend to work.

Applications must be received by Thursday, Jan. 5, 2012.

To learn about the requirements for becoming a nuisance-alligator trapper and to apply online, visit and click on “Statewide Nuisance Alligator Program.”

For more information, email


Evil Elvis The Croc Get His Vengance, On The Lawnmower.

<---That'll teach ya!

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Two workers at a reptile park near Sydney were all shook up Wednesday, running for their lives when a 500 kg crocodile named Elvis suddenly lunged at them, making off with their lawnmower.

Five-meter long Elvis was already not exactly a hunk of burning love, having eaten two girlfriends at another crocodile park where he lived.

He struck again Wednesday, surging out of the water while the workers performed routine maintenance nearby.

"Elvis is quite a dangerous croc, he's a real firecracker," said Tim Faulkner, operations manager at the Australian Reptile Park at Gosford, about an hour's drive north of Sydney.

"He came flying out and before we knew it he had the mower in his mouth and he's taken it back into the water, dropping a couple of teeth in the process."

The cantankerous croc is believed to be between 40 and 60 years old -- more or less in his prime. He was captured near Darwin, in Australia's north, for attacking fishing boats.

Faulkner said it was not unknown for Elvis to chase workers around and that the lawnmower had become an important piece of equipment.

"We have a golden rule -- keep the mower between you and the croc," he said.

While the park workers were safe, the mower was damaged beyond repair, with puncture marks and a torn throttle. Lawrence said Elvis was likely to be hard to handle for a while.

"Crocodiles are real primitive creatures, they've got a real basic set of principles, and he's beaten us today," he said.

"For him, today, he's king of the jungle."


Walmart Madness number 6! Greeter Grinched

A woman is spending her Christmas in jail, accused of punching a Walmart greeter as she left the store here Christmas Eve.

Batavia resident Jacquetta Simmons, 26, was charged with two counts of second-degree assault, State Police Trooper Tracy Patterson said. She faces a second count because the victim, Grace Suozzi, 70, is older than 65.

Patterson said Simmons is accused of punching and knocking down Suozzi at 11:23 a.m. after the employee asked Simmons to see receipts for items the customer was carrying in store bags. After hitting Suozzi, Simmons ran out of the store, but employees and customers quickly surrounded her until police arrived.

Suozzi suffered fractures to the left side of her face and significant swelling, Patterson said.

Simmons on Sunday was being held in Genesee County Jail in lieu of $20,000 bail.

Patterson said Simmons had receipts for everything in her bags.


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Another Chihuahua Rapist Gets 10-years In Prison

A Sacramento parolee convicted of sexually assaulting a chihuahua was sentenced this week to 10 years in prison and must now register as a sex offender.

A jury last month convicted Robert Edward De Shields of strangulation and sexual abuse of the 8-month-old chihuahua. He was high on meth at the time of the attack, prosecutors said.

De Shields is confined to a wheelchair and had rented space in a South Sacramento home. When the homeowners came home one day in March, they found De Shields holding the scared dog, prosecutors said. The next day, the dog was missing, but found in the garage with De Shields. The dog was in pain and shock, prosecutors alleged.

A veterinarian later found severe injuries to the dog's rectum and internal organs.

De Shields has been in and out of prison since 1992. Because of this case's additional requirement that he register as a lifetime sex offender -- which is unusual for an animal-cruelty case -- he must now serve his sentence in state prison. Under the state's prison realignment system, he would have otherwise served the time in county jail, the Sacramento County district attorney's office said.


The other Chihuahua story is HERE

Walmart Madness number 5! Shoplifting During 'Shop With Cop' Night

A shoplifting suspect who picked Wednesday night to try and steal a DVD player didn't realize it was also Shop With A Cop Night at the Gretna, NE. Walmart.

More than 24 Sarpy County Sheriff's Department deputies were in the store at the time.

Some of the deputies taking 75 underprivileged children holiday shopping noticed a man running from the Walmart with electronics in hand.

As pictures were being snapped with the children, deputies and Santa, 49-year-old David Sherman headed for the parking lot.

Several officers caught up to him hiding in a car.


Fred The Cop Attacking Pigeon Captured By Opera Singer!

<--- Here's Fred, plotting his attack, Muah, ha ha!

Manhattan’s own angry bird has been caged.

Fred the pigeon, whose hobby was dive-bombing cops and dropping unwanted gifts on tourists at the 9/11 Memorial, has been taken in by an opera singer who is teaching him to change his tune and fly right.

Jennifer Dudley, a mezzo-soprano who has worked at the Metropolitan and City operas and moonlights as a wildlife rehabilitator, grabbed Fred last week after realizing he was suffering from the early stages of a serious bird disease.

Dudley was moved to act after reading earlier this month in The Post that Fred had taken up residence on a metal fence surrounding the plaza, where he would sit and plot his attacks.

But notwithstanding his notoriety, Dudley said, “people loved him.”

Still, she added, “If you get your fingers too close to his mouth, he’ll peck at you to let you know he’s pissed off.”

New Yorkers can relate to him, she said: “He’s got a bit of chutzpah.”

For now, he’s the guest of another rehabilitator, and hopefully will live out his life as someone’s pet.

Dudley doesn’t plan to release him back into the urban jungle, because “he doesn’t know how to be a New York pigeon.”

She spent 10 days trying to catch him — and always dressed for the occasion.

“I wore a red hat every time because I wanted him to associate the red hat — and the seeds I was throwing out to him — with me,” she said.

“He was getting more and more depressed-looking, and I said to myself, ‘He’s not feeling well.’ ”

She finally got lucky Tuesday night.

“I took him home in a cab, and he was extraordinarily friendly,” she said. “He insisted on perching either on my hand, shoulder or head.”

While he was free, Fred had a love-hate relationship with the cops — depending on the cop.

Some fed Fred, but others would tease him.

Reports of the teasing ruffled the feathers of supervisors — and cops were warned to be more “professional.”

Authorities even looked at surveillance videos to determine which cops were involved, but no one has been disciplined so far.

Fred was named after a cockatoo who was the pet of “Baretta,” the fictional detective in a 1970s TV drama starring Robert Blake.


Life Among the Dead in Manilla

An interesting new release from National Geographic:

Manilla's North Cemetery is the city's largest, with 70 to 80 funerals a day — and more than a million buried here. For some Filipinos, this sea of tombs and bones is more than a cemetery: It's also home.

Obama, The Skinny Ghetto Crackhead

A Fox News contributor called President Obama a “skinny ghetto crackhead” on air Thursday evening.

Reuters reports that Brent Bozell, president of the far-right Media Research Center, appeared on Fox News’ Hannity yesterday, where he and fill-in host Mark Steyn discussed GOP presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich’s looks. At issue were comments made by MSNBC host Chris Matthews earlier this year in which he opined that the former House Speaker looked like a car bomber.

Steyn joked that Gingrich actually resembled a “big, ugly, slightly older Winnie the Pooh.” Bozell then pondered what sort of future Hannity’s program would have if four times in one sentence [Hannity] made a comment about, say, the President of the United States and said he looked like a skinny ghetto crackhead.”

I know, I know… Bozell’s comment was hypothetical. Or was it? He immediately added:

“Which, by the way, you might want to say that Barack Obama does.”

Bozell, whose Media Research Center is dedicated to ”documenting, exposing and neutralizing liberal media bias,” thinks that liberals would call for heads to roll at Fox News if such comments were made.

Bozell’s head would be a good one to start with.


Mean Girls Do A Poop Cake

<--- It looks good but don't eat it! :)

Three former Avon Grove High School students admitted to playing a malicious prank on a classmate in which they “frosted” a birthday cake for her with a foul confection – human excrement. The trio – Mayra Flores, 19, Ana Mireles, 18, and Sandra Ortiz, 18, all of Avondale – were sentenced to 22 months of probation on charges of recklessly endangering another person and conspiracy in connection with the March incident that was reported to state police by high school officials. Common Pleas Court Judge William Mahon, in sentencing the teen-agers to 200 hours of community service that was called for in their plea agreements, said that he wanted to make sure they spent their time working at specific tasks – namely scrubbing toilets, urinals, and bed pans at area senior centers or nursing homes, or picking up dog droppings from area parks. In addition, Flores and Mireles must each spend the first two months of the probationary sentences on electronic home confinement. The three pleaded guilty on Monday. According to court records, Trooper Daniel Covert responded to a call from the high school’s assistant principal, Christopher Matsanka, on March 24. Matsanka told the trooper a student at the school had come to him that morning to tell him her family was sickened by a cake that four of her fellow students had given her on March 23, her birthday. The girl had shown the cake to a teacher, who sent her to Matsanka. The girl told the assistant principal that Ortiz, Flores and Mireles and a fourth student, a juvenile, gave her the cake and repeatedly tried to get her to eat a piece of it in front of them. She finally did eat a small piece, the girl said. She brought the cake home with her, and she and her mother and three siblings each shared the cake that night. They all thought the cake tasted so bad, however, that they threw it in garbage can. Later, as the cake started to smell bad, the girl took it out of the trash, wrapped it up, and brought it to school with her the following day to show to her teacher. When Matsanka called the four students into his office, they admitted that they had put the feces they had gotten from a toilet in Ortiz’s home on the cake, “as a prank.” All four gave written statements admitting what they had done, police said. Covert sent the cake to the state Health Department lab for testing. The lab found the presence of E coli bacteria on the cake, proving the presence of human feces. The three adults were charged on June 13, and the juvenile was arrested about the same time. The juvenile, whose name was not released, is awaiting adjudication, and her three friends have agreed to testify against her if needed, according to Assistant District Attorney Carolyn DeLaurentis, who prosecuted the case.

Get Buried In A Giant Chicken Or Other Strange Thing

Demand for 'crazy coffins' - made in the shape of sharks, pineapples and beer bottles - has rocketed after an African carpenter put on a UK art show.

Paa Joe, a 66-year-old master coffin maker from Ghana in West Africa, has rustled up hundreds of coffins in the last few decades - making them in the shape of whatever the deceased desired.

Among the bizarre coffins he has made in the past include ones made to look like mobile phones, pineapples, sharks, coke bottles, beer bottles, chickens, cars and aeroplanes.

And after a show at London's Jack Bell Gallery earlier this year - combined with a number of his pieces on show at the prestigious British Museum - demand for his coffins has rocketed all over the world.

Thousands of people saw the displays at the gallery and museum - leading to a flurry of requests from UK residents to be buried in personalised 'fantasy' coffins.

Just under 600,000 people die in the UK every year - meaning gaining just a tiny share of the market can be very lucrative.

Paa Joe works for the Kane Kwei Carpentry Works in Accra, Ghana, which was set up in the 1950s by Seth Kane Kwei, who made his first-ever coffin the shape of an aeroplane so his gran could take her 'first flight' after she died.

For the rest of the story and funny coffin photos go HERE

Friday, December 23, 2011

Bulls Vs. Drunks... Bulls Win!


Six people were injured yesterday in Guamo, Colombia at a festival where untrained and often drunk men took on angry bulls. The men are paid a few pesos to face down the bulls in honor of a local patron saint.

Video Game Playing Frog

Keep that game going for him or your in trouble! :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bridge In India Could Collapse Due To Spit

The Howrah Bridge is a cantilever suspension bridge that crosses the Hooghly River. Over the years, residents have been purchasing and chewing a mix of betel leaf, areca nut, and slaked lime, then spitting the mixture at the base of the bridge (among other places, I’m sure).

The mixture, known as paan, is a mild stimulant and, if you take a look at the weakened steel hangars of the bridge, pretty darned corrosive.

The hangars, which were once 6 millimeters thick, are now a mere 3 mm, prompting authorities to come up with news ways to prevent any future damage.

One such way is to cover the bridge’s steel with a fiberglass casing.

But given the corrosive spit, as well as past vehicular accidents and corrosive bird droppings, this incredibly busy bridge is in dire need of a makeover before anyone gets seriously injured.


Man Eats Cocaine From Brothers Butt, Dies

Deangelo Mitchell and his brother Wayne were taken into custody by the cops in South Carolina when the po-po suspected they had drugs in their car. While in custody, Deangelo convinced Wayne to eat the ounce of cocaine he had hidden in his ass. Then Wayne died.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Cop Gets DWI after Going to DWI Training Class

A Midland Park, N.J., police officer was arrested for drunken driving after consuming alcohol during a state police class on DWI arrests, authorities say.

During the Thursday class taught by the New Jersey State Police, Midland Park police officer Joseph B. Gaeta was given measured amounts of alcohol to test its effect on his physical abilities, the Midland Park Suburban News reported

After the class, Gaeta was driven home by another officer, Wyckoff police Chief Benjamin Fox said.

Once home, Gaeta, 31, got on his four-wheel all-terrain vehicle and began driving on a residential street, which authorities said is illegal.

Gaeta was attempting to make a turn when he lost control of the ATV and flipped it.
Fox said Gaeta sustained serious facial injures for which he was hospitalized. He had surgery Saturday.

Gaeta, who had a blood-alcohol level of 0.13 percent, was charged with driving while intoxicated and given several other citations related to the illegal operation of an all-terrain vehicle.

"I've honestly never run across a situation like this in 43 years," said Midland Park police Chief John Casson. "I'm not sure at what point his status [with the department] could change."


N.Y. Rules Burying People in Pet Cemetary is OK.

New York state's Cemetery Board has decided people can have their ashes buried in pet cemeteries alongside their non-human companions after all.

"I feel great," said Rhona Levy of New York City's Bronx borough, who wants to be buried with her dog and cats in Westchester's Hartsdale Pet Cemetery. "It was sort of like an early Christmas present."

Earlier this year, the Cemetery Board had ruled human remains could not be buried in pet cemeteries, even though about 700 people have been buried at Hartsdale Pet Cemetery over the years, the New York Post reported Sunday.

However, this past week, the board reversed itself and said the pet cemetery could continue to bury human remains on its property as long as the service is not advertised and there is no charged for it.

"It's just unfortunate that so many people had to go through this emotional torture these many months while this was being worked out," Levy said.

The board also proposed similar regulations for all pet cemeteries in the state.


"A Dingo Ate My Baby" Case is Reopened

The case involving the death of an Australian infant whose mother famously said a dingo took from the family’s tent during a trip to the Australian outback, is being reopened for the fourth time.

According to The Australian, the case is being reopened because new information about recent dingo attacks was given to a coroner by the attorneys for Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton, who was found guilty in 1982 of murdering her then 9-week-old daughter, Azaria, in 1980.

That conviction was later overturned after a piece of Azaria’s clothing was found near a dingo den, AFP notes. The child’s body was never found.


Man Tapes Up His Daughter For Hitting Him Back

Chicago police are investigating the posting to Facebook of a photo that appears to show a young girl with her hands and legs bound and her mouth covered with tape.

The picture, seen above, was recently posted to the Facebook page of Andre Curry, a 21-year-old Chicago man. The photo carried the notation, “This is wut happens wen my baby hits me back. ; ).”

Hours after the photo was originally posted, a Facebook friend of Curry’s wrote, “U goin to jail.” Je’Vanna Cobbins, a second Facebook friend, wrote, “really??? Dre.”

Cobbins, a Chicago resident, told TSG she believes Curry was just “playing around,” adding that, “I wouldn’t say it was child abuse.” Cobbins said that Curry--who once dated her sister--would “never do anything to harm anyone.” While noting that the image went “a bit too far,” Cobbins added that Curry was “being playful with his child. People play with their child differently.”

The disturbing image--which began to circulate online over the past several days--apparently prompted calls to cops. A Chicago Police Department spokesman today told TSG that “detectives are looking into it.”

Curry did not respond to a message sent via his Facebook page (where photos are only available to his friends).

In a phone interview, Curry’s grandmother said that he is father to a young daughter, but added that she knew nothing about the Facebook photo.


Strange Wave Clouds in Alabama

A series of huge breaking wave shaped clouds lined the horizon in Birmingham, Ala., on Dec. 16. :)

Reindeer Meat Sells Out in the UK

<--- "If it's not one thing then it's another!"

Outcries over canned reindeer meat have actually led to a surge in its popularity.

Despite its status as perhaps the least seasonal Christmas dining fare imaginable, canned reindeer meat is a hit. In fact, it seems that a protest over the expensive pâté had the unintended effect of increasing its popularity.

A group called Vegetarians International Voice for Animals launched a protest campaign against the upscale U.K. department store Harvey Nichols for selling cans of the reindeer pâté, asking supporters to "politely complain" to the store over the allegedly traumatic harvesting process used to acquire the venison.

Admittedly, the packaging of the pâté seems designed to tweak delicate sensibilities, claiming the product is a "farm-raised relative of Rudolph" and "an indulgent Christmas treat." The pâté includes cognac and spices as well as its signature ingredients, ground meat and fat.

And now the reindeer meet is in fact off the shelves of Harvey Nichols and at online outlets such as Amazon and only because stores can't keep up with customer demand for the product, which costs about $23 for a 6.7 ounce container.


Grief and Mass Hysteria in North Korea

I will never understand the zombie mentality of sheeple.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Runaway Cart Carnage At Football Game

A runaway electric cart raced unmanned from an end zone to midfield at Cowboys Stadium and plowed into several people after a high school championship game Saturday night, bowling over the winning head coach and several others.

An emergency medical technician who declined identification told The Associated Press that one man who was conscious and talking was taken to a hospital with an apparent leg injury. The Arlington medical technician said he had no further information on the man's condition but several others hit or grazed by the cart were checked out by emergency workers as they sprawled stunned on the field.

Shopplifters Get Instant Karma

<--- lol

While they were questioned in the shoplifting case, police say someone broke into their vehicle and stole a stereo and several other items. Store security had the individuals in custody. They had reviewed surveillance video and recovered stolen property from the suspects. Eldon Alexander, 36, and 47-year-old Korin Vanhouten tried to walk out of the store with several small-ticket items…. like makeup, energy bars and batteries. They were cited for shoplifting and let go.

But as the officer started to leave, “He sees the two suspects trying to flag him down in the parking lot,” Young said, “and he goes over to their location and realizes that their vehicle has actually been burglarized.”

From a distance, surveillance video caught what appears to be a man in a red sweater scoping out Alexander's truck and he eventually gets inside.

"They ended up having their stereo and amplifier, a drum machine and some cigarettes stolen from their vehicle," Young said.

All of this happened while there were several people passing by and the officer's car was parked nearby.


Woman Gets Beat By Egyptian Security Forces

Or what is supposed to pass as security forces that is.

Cairo: Images Of Beaten Woman Spark Outrage,
Deadly clashes between protesters and the military in Cairo have continued for a third day, leaving at least 10 people dead - as images of a partially-clothed woman being beaten by security personnel sparked outrage

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Husband Chops Off Wife's Fingers Because She Was Studying

<---The victim, Hawa Akhter

A jealous husband is facing life in prison after chopping off his wife's fingers because she began studying for a degree without his permission.

Rafiqul Islam, 30, blindfolded his wife Hawa Akhter, 21, and taped her mouth, telling her he was going to give her a surprise present.

Instead he made her hold out her hand and cut off all five fingers. One of his relatives then threw Ms Akhter's fingers in the dustbin to ensure doctors could not reattach them.

Mr Islam, who is a migrant worker in the United Arab Emirates, had warned his wife there would 'severe consequences' if she did not give up her studies.

'After he came back to Bangladesh, he wanted to have a discussion with me,' Ms Akhter told The Times.

'Suddenly, he blindfolded me and tied my hand. He also taped my mouth saying that he would give me some surprise gifts. But, instead he cut off my fingers.'

'He was enraged. He was jealous because while he only had a grade eight standard education, she was off to college to pursue higher studies,' said Mr Saluddin.

Ms Akhter says she is learning to write with her left hand and is determined to resume her studies. She is now back at her parent's house.


Elevator 13

<--- Suzanne Hart, RIP

A woman was crushed and killed by an elevator that began rising as she was stepping onto it while heading to her office in Midtown Wednesday morning.

Two other people were in the elevator and witnessed the horrific accident at 285 Madison Ave., which is near East 40th Street.

The woman was identified as Suzanne Hart, 41, an employee with advertising agency Y&R, which is a major tenant in the 1920s building.

Her grieving boyfriend told NBC New York outside their Brooklyn home: "I loved her. She was a beautiful person."

Officials said Hart was halfway onto the elevator when it took off, without its doors closing. She died after she was crushed between the elevator and the shaft wall.

The other two people in the elevator did not have physical injuries but were treated for trauma, officials said.

Office workers in the building near Grand Central Terminal described a chaotic and gory scene.

"People were running and screaming 'Someone got crushed in the elevator,'" said John Hanna.

Officials from the Buildings Department and FDNY were investigating. Safety mechanisms are supposed to prevent elevators from moving while their doors are open.

A buildings department spokesman, Tony Sclafani, said the elevator was inspected in June and no safety issues were found then. The last time the elevator received a violation for a safety hazard was in 2003, and the condition was corrected, Sclafani said.

The elevator is one of 13 in the tower. It was taken out of use pending the outcome of an investigation.


Scrap Metal Thieves Cause Building To Collapse, Killing Them

DETROIT (WWJ) - Two people allegedly hunting for scrap metal were killed Wednesday after part of a vacant nursing home collapsed on them on Detroit’s west side.

Fire, police, and rescue crews were called to Seven Mile and Glastonbury, near the Southfield Freeway.

Two bodies were discovered in the abandoned five-story building. Fire Chief Kwaku Atara said it’s believed the two men were scrapping at the time of the roof collapse.

Rev. Kevin Johnson of Calvary Presbyterian Church, next door to the collapsed building, said he had talked to city officials about the wrecked building several times over the past few years.

“Unsafe? Yes, it’s unsafe. There had been an incident that happened in the spring where some youth were on the roof throwing rocks and damaged cars in our parking lot.

“It’s been bad ever since the building was vacated nine, 10 years ago. We stepped up our efforts to try and maintain the property so the vegetation didn’t pose traffic hazards at the intersection. It’s been crazy.”

Johnson said two men were regularly at the abandoned building the last few months, pulling out every scrap they could. They showed him a permit from the previous owner, the pastor said.

“They were getting into the skeletal structure, the beams that actually hold the floor up. They literally just tore it apart,” he said. “But I was a voice crying in the wilderness.”


Young Mom Has Toddler Out In Traffic Begging For Money

Earlier this week, an 18-year-old mother stood along a busy road and held up a sign.

"Laid off cant find a job anything helps, god bless please help, happy holidays," it read.

Bridgette Patricia Baldyga of St. Petersburg had 75 cents and 11/2 pills of Xanax in her pocket. She also had her 22-month-old daughter with her.
And sometime while Baldyga was panhandling, police say, the toddler wandered into traffic. A passing motorist called authorities, telling police he had seen the child collecting money.

Baldyga was arrested about 3:45 p.m. Thursday in the 7700 block of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Street N. She is facing charges of child abuse and possession of a controlled substance.

"She said she needed money to provide for her daughter and normally she's a good mother, and she understands that her daughter should not be out in traffic," police spokesman Mike Puetz said.

Go HERE for the rest of the story

Friday, December 16, 2011

A New Worlds Smallest Woman - No Bigger Than a Baby

A high-school student in central India has been recognised as the world's shortest woman by Guinness World Records as she turned 18.

Jyoti Amge, who is 62.8cm (24.7 inches) tall – shorter than the average two-year-old, said she hoped to earn a degree and make it in Bollywood.

Guinness representatives visiting from London measured her at a ceremony attended by about 30 relatives and friends in the town of Nagpur in Maharashtra state.

A teary-eyed Amge, dressed in one of her finest saris, called the honour an "extra birthday present" and said she felt grateful for being small, as it had brought her recognition. After receiving a plaque, she and her guests cut a birthday cake.

"I have put Nagpur on the world map. Now everyone will know where it is," said Amge, who says she dreams of one day becoming a Bollywood film star as well as pursuing a university degree after she finishes high school this year.

"I want to be an actor," she said.

She is 7cm (2.76 inches) shorter than the 22-year-old American Bridgette Jordan, who had held the title since September.

"Jyoti encourages us all to look beyond mere size and to just celebrate our differences," the Guinness adjudicator Rob Molloy said.

This was not Amge's first Guinness record. Until Friday she was considered the world's shortest teenager, but in turning 18 qualified for the new title. She has grown less than 1cm (0.4 inch) in the past two years, Guinness said in a statement, and will grow no more due to a form of dwarfism called achondroplasia.

Her teenage title brought the chance for multiple Guinness-sponsored trips to Japan and Italy for tours and meetings with other record holders, she said.

The title of shortest woman in history continues to be held by Pauline Musters, who lived in the Netherlands from 1876 to 1895 and stood at 61cm (24 inches) tall.


Woman Busted Smuggling Cocaine In Her Dreadlocks

Bangkok - A South African woman was arrested at Bangkok's international airport after police said they found 1.5kg of cocaine hidden in her dreadlocks, a news report said on Tuesday.

Nolubabalo Nobanda, 23, was searched on Monday when police said they noticed a white substance in her hair shortly after she stepped off a Qatar Airways flight that originated in Sao Paulo and flew through Qatar to Suvarnabhumi Airport, the Bangkok Post said.

The search uncovered 1.5kg of cocaine with a street value of 4.5 million baht ($150 000) hidden in her dreadlocks, authorities said.

Police said the suspect admitted smuggling the drug and said she had been hired for 60 000 baht to deliver it to a customer at a hotel in Bangkok.


Man Rapes Friends Chihuahua

What a dog!

An Oakland Park man accused of getting a little too friendly with his roommate's 3-year-old Chihuahua mix is due in court Friday morning to face an animal cruelty charge.

Tomas Bautista, 40, was arrested in February after his roommate found him passed out with his pants down in the backyard of their home on the 300 block of Northwest 42 Street, according to the Broward Sheriff's Office. The dog, Mimi, had just let out a loud yelp and was running from Bautista when the roommate went outside to investigate.


Gov. Rick Scott signed the [animal cruelty]law in May.

The animal cruelty charge Bautista faces could land him a maximum prison term of five years, plus a $10,000 fine. Bail was set at $2,500, but Bautista also remains in custody on an immigration hold.

Bautista's lawyer, Jacob Cohen, did not comment about what might happen at Friday's hearing, which is on the court docket as a routine calendar call.


Man Steals His Dates Car

Huh. Guys with spider tattoos on their necks are usually pretty trustworthy. :)

WESLEY CHAPEL, Fla. — - Deputies in Florida say a man is accused of stealing a woman's car while they were on a date at a Tampa area movie theater.

Pasco County Sheriff's deputies say 27-year-old Michael Pratt now faces grand theft charges.

The St. Petersburg Times ( ) reports Pratt told the woman he needed to get something from the car while they were watching the movie.

She gave him her keys. When he didn't return, she called him. Authorities say Pratt laughed, then told the woman he'd stolen her car.

She tried contacting Pratt before calling the sheriff's office. Four days later, Pratt called and told her he dumped the car. Deputies found it and arrested Pratt on Wednesday.

He is in the Pasco County Jail. No attorney was listed on Pratt's jail records.


Information from: St. Petersburg Times,

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Amazing Two-Snouted Cyclops Piggy

The animal, which was born at a farm owned by Xiao Jintu in China's Fujian Province, has two snouts and a cyclops eye in the middle of its head, according to Metro.

HuffPost UK reports that the strange piglet was the fifth of his litter, and has not yet been named.

This little guy isn't the first two-snouted pig born in China, reports Metro. Bai Xuejin, who raised a two-snouted pig in Jilin province said, "We knew something was different because her head was so large we had to help when her mother gave birth."

Terminator wannabe fails

<--- Talk to the hand, looser.

Columbia, Tenn. — Police in Tennessee say a surveillance video shows a man trying to run down a woman with his pickup, causing a series of disasters.

According to United Press International, the man, Eric Whitaker, was trying to run over his ex and plowed his truck into a convenience store, colliding with the store owner and a clerk.

The surveillance video shows the owner under the debris, but he emerges and walks away.

According to UPI, Whitaker then ran from the store and stole an SUV from a bystander. He then crashed that vehicle into a bread truck.

The suspect was taken to a hospital and was listed in critical condition. He will be arrested when he is released.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Walmart Madness number 4! Murder in Walmart, but Keep Shopping!

<--- The victim, Lilia Blandin, 38

A South Carolina man has been charged with murder in the death of his wife, who was fatally stabbed inside a Greenville County Walmart this weekend.

But as shoppers looked on in horror, store management roped off the area for homicide investigators and continued to operate as usual.

Avery L Blandin, 46, is accused of killing Lilia Blandin, 38, who worked at the Woodforest Bank inside the discount retail store in Berea.

Man Urinates Pubic Hair!

<-- 0h no!!

PUNE: Ratnagiri businessman Murad Mulla, 48, who has lost his sleep, appetite, sexual life and ability to work has landed up at the state-run St George Hospital with the hope of leading a normal life again.

He has spent the past seven years chasing doctors and undergoing six surgeries to fix a not-so-unusual problem of urine retention. Mulla suffers from an odd condition where he passes pubic hair every time he urinates.

The constant itching inside his private parts, the pain and the restlessness have driven him to a point where he moves around with sleeping pills. "The pills give me strength in a way. Every time the pain becomes unbearable, I feel I have something to end it all," says Mulla.

Once a well-to-do businessman, married with three children, Mulla now survives on loans, and goes to bed on an empty stomach. He has already lodged complaints of negligence with the Maharashtra Medical Council against two surgeons-one based in Ratnagiri and the other in Pune-who he claims have turned his life upside down.

The one responsible for his current condition, Mulla alleges, is the urosurgeon from Pune who used a procedure that some doctors consider "outdated".

The doctor, while performing urethroplasty, an open surgical procedure to treat narrowing of urethra, used a patch of skin from his scrotum. While medical literature says that certain portions of scrotum have no hair growth, Mulla's case turned to be quite the opposite. Soon after, Mulla started experiencing severe itching in his private parts.

"This is when, to my horror, I found out that pubic hair had started growing inside my body," said Mulla. The doctor, he said, did not find anything amiss. "He injected chemicals inside my body through the penis saying it would take care of the problem. But these were all temporary solutions."

The constant itching began to give him sleepless nights. He started approaching other specialists who wanted to know why the surgeon could not perform the surgery using buccal mucosa, skin from the mouth. Mulla had to go back to the urosurgeon who, this time, used skin from his mouth. "Never once did the doctor regret his decision. I was charged for the second surgery too."

Several experts told TOI that the results of urethroplasty using skin from the mouth are almost similar to those performed using skin from scrotum. "But nowadays, we avoid using skin from scrotum because of such complications," said a specialist.

Mulla also said the Ratnagiri surgeon was the one who first treated him wrongly. The surgeon could not treat his urine problem because of a 6mm stone in his ureter (tubes that push urine from kidneys to bladder).

According to him, in the course of treatment, he also damaged his urethra (tube connecting bladder to genitals). The urosurgeon had to operate on him to correct the damage. JJ Hospital's head of urology Dr Jagdish Bhawani said that his urethra is choked with lumps of hair, and he needs immediate surgery.


Smash and Grab With Truck Captured on Tape

A burglar in Kansas City breaks into a department store using a truck, slamming through the front doors then going on a shopping spree. To leave, the burglar sends his tires squealing. Police later found the truck and have a suspect in custody. (Dec. 14)

I'm willing to bet my left nut that wasn't his truck!

Fire Station Burns Down

Can you say "Irony?"
Sure I knew you could. :)

The 911 call came Saturday night while the firefighters for a small South Texas all-volunteer department were at a Christmas party: Their 60-year-old fire station was ablaze.

By the time the crew arrived and put out the flames, the Linn-San Manuel Fire Department had lost the building, a pumper truck, rescue gear and medical equipment, The Monitor reports.

They still have one tanker and two brush trucks because the firefighters had taken the vehicles to the party.

Fire Chief Domingo Hinojosa tells The Monitor that his team will continue to protect the community, using equipment borrowed from other area departments.

The Hidalgo County fire marshal, meanwhile, says his office is investigating the cause of the fire.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cat Burglar Mommy

I'd take her booty, yargh!

"Henrico County authorities say a mother broke into nearly 30 homes after dropping her kids off at school.

Police have charged Melissa Addison, 36, from Chesterfield, with breaking into and stealing from homes.

According to a press release obtained by CBS Washington, Henrico police says these burglaries took place in the Varina area between Oct. 26 and Dec. 2.

According to the report, Addison would drop her children off to school each morning and then travel to Henrico to break into homes.

Addison was arrested last Monday with information received from Chesterfield police.

After her arrest, police say she confessed to 22 break-ins in Henrico County, three in Charles City County, and two in Chesterfield County."

Source HERE

Child prostitute in Oklahoma City

This is totally enraging. :


This video was shot by JohnTV on South Robinson Ave. in south Oklahoma City. This is a clear example of apparent child sex trafficking in our city. This video shines a spotlight on the despicable reality of forced child prostitution.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Alabama's lazy jobless will not do illegal immigrant's old jobs

<--- This is a Welfare line. Should it be transformed into a nursery, forestry, and landscape industry jobs line? If so, would the applicants disappear?

The Associate Press reports:

"The nursery and landscape industry will need as many as 4,000 workers in southern counties early in 2012 to get ready for the growing season, he said, and forestry and farming will require still more laborers. Unable to find legal residents to fill all the employment gaps, [Deputy commissioner with the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries Brett] Hall said the Agriculture Department is consulting with the Department of Corrections to determine whether prisoners could do some of the work.

Alabama is actually worse off than the rest of the country, with a 9.3 percent rate of unemployment. What's wrong with helping out on a farm? Is the pay crappy? That's actually not it:

Farmers have complained of a lack of field hands since parts of the law took effect in late September. Many have said legal residents aren't physically able or mentally tough enough to perform the work, and others won't do so because it doesn't pay enough.

Hall said the agriculture positions pay well above minimum wage, but many Americans find them too "physically taxing" to perform."

Here is a quick breakdown on Alabama's immigration law:

A priest for 35 years, he viewed "Hottie Boys" kiddy porn in church

I wonder when his victims will start coming forward? Anyhow...


By Ben Schmitt

PITTSBURGH, Pa | Sun Dec 11, 2011

(Reuters) - A Roman Catholic priest was arrested on charges he viewed child pornography in the rectory of his Pittsburgh-area church, the diocese said on Sunday.

The Rev. Bartley Sorensen, 62, pastor of St. John Fisher Church in Churchill, Pennsylvania, was arraigned on charges of possession of child pornography, a third-degree felony, according to the Diocese of Pittsburgh.

He was being held on Sunday in the Allegheny County Jail in lieu of a $100,000 bond, jail officials said.

Sorensen was arrested after a church employee walked into the rectory on Friday and saw Sorensen viewing a computer image of a young boy naked from the waist down, with the words "Hottie Boys" on the screen, police said. She alerted diocesan officials, who immediately contacted police.

Allegheny County detectives found pornographic images of young boys on his computer, police said. During an interview, Sorensen admitted to possessing at least 100 pornographic pictures of children, police said. He has not been charged with abusing children.

A priest for 35 years, Sorensen had been a pastor at St. John Fisher only for several weeks, having been previously assigned for nine months to St. Anne Church in Castle Shannon, Pennsylvania. His past includes an assignment as chaplain at West Penn Hospital in Pittsburgh.

The Rev. Ronald Lengwin, diocese spokesman, said the diocese had provided Sorensen with the names of several possible attorneys after his arrest but it was unclear who he had retained for the criminal case.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Teacher hoses poop off student, some have a problem with this:

School officials have punished a Tampa-area teacher accused of using a water hose to clean up a pre-kindergarten student who soiled himself at school.

Stephanie Wilson, 52, was suspended for 10 days without pay after the Pinellas County school board said she went around to the side of the school building, donned a pair of gloves and used a low-pressure hose to wash the student Oct. 28.

When she finished, she put the student’s pants on and went to the classroom, where she put a clean diaper on.

According to district records, Wilson told the child’s parent she hosed the child, apologized repeatedly and said she used poor judgment.

Source and more HERE

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Topless woman attacks a city worker

The mad attacker!

A topless woman attacked a city worker at a storage facility in Heflin Thursday night. Heflin Police say the worker was feeding animals at a building used to house pets awaiting adoption. Anita Henderson Harris entered the building through a back door and apparently attacked the city worker.

Harris was nude from the waist up. After a brief struggle, the city worker was able to escape and call police. No motive for the attack has been determined. Harris is charged with assault third degree, burglary third degree, criminal mischief third degree and resisting arrest.

Source, plus funny comments HERE

American soldiers remains dumped into trash

"Incinerated partial remains of at least 274 troops were reportedly dumped at landfills between 2004-08 by the largest military mortuary in the US... Since the landfill dumping ended three years ago, such cremated partial remains are now buried at sea... It emerged that a dead soldier's ankle had been lost and a damaged arm bone was sawed off a dead Marine before burial so he could fit in his uniform and coffin."

Gari Lynn Smith of Frenchtown, N.J., wants to know how that could happen to the U.S. troops who sacrificed their lives for the country.

Her husband was one of those soldiers whose remains were dumped.

Sgt. First Class Scott Smith was killed by a roadside bomb in 2006. Gari Lynn Smith still tears up when she thinks about what she misses most about him.

"His smile," she told NBC New York Thursday. "He was just such a good person. And he didn't deserve this."
She knew his entire body wasn't in the casket they buried, so she started asking questions.

"When I started inquiring about what happened to the additional remains, I figured that maybe they buried them in Arlington Cemetery," Gari Lynn Smith said. "So I started questioning, and they had a gentleman on the phone tell me no one wanted my husband so they cremated him with the rest of the medical waste and threw him in the trash."

Read the story HERE

and HERE

Friday, December 9, 2011

Walmart madness number 3! Syringes in the clothes

Ok, there has been a two other posts about Walmart in my new news blog. I had better add the other odd Walmart news story I found about a week ago to round it out:

"Police are continuing to recover hypodermic needles that have been hidden inside garments at a Walmart in Georgia.

Yesterday morning, Bartow County Sheriff's Office deputies again arrived at the store in Cartersville, this time in response to a shopper discovering a syringe inside a pocket in a pair of men’s pajamas (seen at right). The woman who found the needle was not stuck, according to a sheriff’s report.

While at the store, cops and Walmart officials met to “devise a plan to locate other syringes.” After settling on using “metal detector wands” to search for syringes, investigators realized that this approach was not working due to “the small amount of metal in or on them.”

Plan B, however, was more successful. While lightly tapping or touching garments, a Walmart worker discovered a syringe inside the pocket of a “pair of men’s lounging pants.” The exposed needle was facing outward.

According to another December 5 report, a woman purchased a pair of grey dress pants “on the weekend of Black Friday.” As she was putting the pants on yesterday morning, she found a syringe in a pocket. The woman, Deborah Warren, was not stuck when she removed the needle.

Deputies noted that Walmart management is “continuing to check” the store’s apparel sections for hidden needles. Investigators have classified the syringe spree as “reckless conduct.”

Found at

More Walmart madness! Woman makes meth in walmart

TULSA, OK (KTUL/CNN) - Police arrested a woman they said mixed meth chemicals inside a Wal-Mart store.

They reported the suspect, Elizabeth Alisha Greta Halfmoon, had been in the store for about six hours, taking chemicals from bottles and mixing them in order to make meth. One police officer received minor injuries when the chemicals in the bottle burned his hand.

Nobody else was hurt. Tulsa Police Officer David Shelby said it was the first time he had seen anyone actually try to mix meth in a store.

"There are elderly people, there are children, there are all kinds of people in that store right now," he said.

Read the full story here.

Castrating Lambs with Teeth Can Make You Sick, US Officials Warn

WASHINGTON - It might seem like common-sense advice, but US health officials issued a short note Thursday warning that using your teeth to castrate lambs could make you sick.

Back in June, the Wyoming Department of Health was notified that two men working at a local sheep ranch came down with Campylobacter jejuni (C. jejuni) infections.

The patients both suffered from diarrhea and one also had abdominal cramps, fever, nausea and vomiting. One even spent a day in the hospital, according to the report issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Neither patient reported having eaten poultry or unpasteurized dairy products, which can be associated with the bacterial infection. But the two men had participated in a multi-day event to castrate 1,600 lambs -- and both reported having used their teeth to do the deed.

The ranchers likely contracted the infection from fecal-oral contact during the castrations, and in the interest of health, the CDC said it advised employees to use standardized techniques for lamb castrations in the future.

Kerry Pride, an author of the report and a Wyoming-based veterinarian, told The Wall Street Journal that the bizarre castrating practice does still occur, but it was more common in the 1800s.

Read more:

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Walmart Madness #1! Baby used as a weapon:

That baby belongs to Megan Kelley and was strapped into a carrier and placed in a shopping cart, reports the Orlando Sentinel. When first approached, the women allegedly pushed that cart into the security guards. But when that didn't work, Jodie Willis grabbed the carrier.

Willis "violently" swung the baby at the guards, according to the police report. The baby was "perpendicular to the ground" such that guards felt that she was going to fall out.

Kelley then grabbed her daughter and fled, reports My Fox Orlando. Willis stayed behind to kick a security guard and punch him in the face.

Ordinarily, this incident would have been charged as a misdemeanor retail theft. But since the women involved a baby, the charges had to be enhanced. The child neglect accusations are an obvious result, but the robbery charges? Those are more interesting.

Retail theft is upgraded to robbery when a suspect uses "force, violence, assault, or putting in fear" to carry out the theft. Between the shopping cart showdown, swinging baby, and physical attack, there's little question that the alleged crime meets this definition.

But there is a question of whether Megan Kelley and Jodie Willis are charged with a first or second degree felony. The difference between the two is whether the offenders used a weapon. Legally speaking, is a baby a weapon?

Much more HERE

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Beagles out of cages for first time in their lives

It's dusty in here. :)

Mythbusters horrible cannon misfire

It was only a matter of time before something went really wrong on the show. But luckily no one was injured, and Kari Byron is ok. :)

"Whether or not you're a fan of the Discovery Channel's "Mythbusters," it can now be stated unequivocally that the show has left a trail of destruction through many people's lives.

The San Francisco Chronicle and KTVU report how the taping of a recent Mythbusters segment in Dublin, California went horribly wrong, when a cannonball was launched, missed its target then went on a path of destruction through a residential neighborhood.

"This cannonball was supposed to pass through several barrels of water and a cinder block wall to slow its inertia," said J.D. Nelson of Alameda County Sheriff's Department. "When the shot was fired, it misfired. The cannon lifted."

And "misfired" is a huge understatement. Take a look at the horrific recap of the cannonball's run:

The cantaloupe-sized cannonball missed the water, tore through a cinder-block wall, skipped off a hillside and flew some 700 yards east, right into the Tassajara Creek neighborhood, where children were returning home from school at 4:15 p.m., authorities said.

There, the 6-inch projectile bounced in front of a home on quiet Cassata Place, ripped through the front door, raced up the stairs and blasted through a bedroom, where a man, woman and child slept through it all - only awakening because of plaster dust.

It exited the house, leaving a perfectly round hole in the stucco, crossed six-lane Tassajara Road, took out several tiles from the roof of a home on Bellevue Circle and finally slammed into the Gill family's beige Toyota Sienna minivan in a driveway on Springvale Drive.

"Crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy," Nelson said. "You wouldn't think it was possible."

The misfired cannonball left a trail of destruction in its wake
Thankfully, no one was injured during the incident. But Jasbir Gill, who owns the damaged minivan, said he and his children had been in it just moments before. "It's scary," Gill said. "I kind of looked inside and seen a big old cannonball. And I had just got out of the van five minutes earlier. I'm glad my kids weren't inside the van. So lucky."

Gill said he would like an apology from the show's producers and for them to pay for the minivan's repairs.

Nelson said that part of the department's deal with the producers of Mythbusters requires the show to have insurance for just such incidents. He said the crew of the show has already sent a producer to the damaged homes and arranged to meet with the victims' respective insurance carriers."


Girl digs herself out of shallow grave

Michelina Lewandowska, 27, was taken to woods and buried in a shallow grave in May, Leeds Crown Court heard.

Miss Lewandowska escaped from the box and flagged down a passing car.

Her partner, Marcin Kasprzak, 25, of Penistone Road, and Patryk Borys, 18, of Rashcliffe Hill Road, both Huddersfield, deny attempted murder.

Prosecuting, Jonathan Sharp said: "In a nutshell, this case is about a young man who got bored with his partner, the mother of his child, and he decided to get rid of her."

The barrister said the victim was attacked with a 300,000 volt Taser stun gun, bound and gagged with tape and "imprisoned" in a box.

He added: "He and his friend imprisoned her in a box, drove her to a wooded area where it was unlikely she would be found, and there dug a shallow grave and buried her alive."

The court heard that 25-year-old Mr Kasprzak told his partner that she was not as good-looking as the girls he saw at the gym.

Jurors heard he would go out with friends, sometimes staying out all night, rather than spending time with her.

He was thinking about starting a relationship with another woman and had changed his Facebook status to single, the prosecutor said.


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Man orders hooker to hotel room, turns out to be his daughter

Wasn't there a movie or something where this happened?

"A man who ordered a prostitute to his hotel room collapsed when his daughter turned up at the door.

Titus Ncube from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, said the shock of seeing his 20-year-old daughter sent him to the ground.

The unnamed woman reportedly fled the building.

According to the Zimbabwe News, Ncube ordered the prostitute as he was experiencing marital problems.

“I am sorry for what I did,” he said. “I spoke to my wife and my daughter… I apologised for my actions because I just wanted my family back."

Ncube said his daughter was no longer working as a prostitute and was planning to return to school.

"My marital problems are not over, but we have a marriage counsellor who is helping us to get over this most difficult period in our marriage," he added.

On hearing the news, his wife said: “If it were not for my children, I could have divorced him a long time ago.”"

Source: Here

Former Sheriff of the year trades meth for buttsex

He gets my vote for dumbass of the year.

"Prosecutors charged [Sheriff]Sullivan with felony distribution, possession of meth as well as a misdemeanor charge of soliciting prostitution. Authorities say he offered methamphetamine in exchange for sex from a male acquaintance in a sting set up by officers with a drug task force.

Sullivan also is charged with attempting to influence a public servant following a Sept. 20 report of an “old man” inside a home that the caller said he wanted to leave.

An incident report notes a man at the house reported Sullivan was getting three recovering addicts back into drugs. Sullivan told investigators he was helping them out as part of his work with a law enforcement and state drug rehab program. Officials have no record of Sullivan working for either.

Sheriff’s officials say Sullivan has declined to grant interviews while incarcerated.

Sullivan was sheriff of the suburban Denver county from 1984 until 2002, when he retired. He was hailed as a hero following a daring 1989 rescue in which he crashed a vehicle through a fence to provide cover for two of his deputies who were pinned by gunfire. He was also named Sheriff of the Year by the National Sheriff’s Association and praised by former Rep. Tom Tancredo in 2002.

Meanwhile, Robinson said police talked to him in January about Sullivan as part of an investigation into the unsolved drowning death of a man. Robinson said a detective contacted him in January for insight into the personality of Sullivan.

“He told me they were interested in interviewing Sullivan,” Robinson said.

Denver police refuse to say whether they questioned Sullivan or what information they sought in the Jan. 26 drowning death of 27-year-old Sean Moss.

An autopsy found intoxication from meth and gamma-hydroxybutryic acid that’s a rave drug known by various street names such as “Liquid Ecstasy,” that’s also a date rape drug, contributed to Moss’ death.

Police spokesman Sonny Jackson said the case remains open because the coroner was unable to determine if Moss’ death was accidental, a suicide or homicide.

The Denver Post reported that Sullivan had posted bail for Moss after his arrest Jan. 14 in a domestic violence case in Centennial, a suburb of Denver. That case involved a fight that broke out in a car on Interstate 25 between Moss and a man described by investigators as Moss’ boyfriend, according to an incident report from the Arapahoe County sheriff’s office.

The incident report said Moss and the other man were living together at the time. Both men were arrested.

No one answered the phone at a number list for the other man, who was identified in the report as Andrew Pino, 31, of Denver. Charges against both men were later dropped.

Moss was carrying a backpack packed with a denture brush, eight pairs of socks, some clothes, and other personal items when his body was found in the South Platte River northeast of downtown Denver."