Thursday, January 31, 2013

Woman Falls Through Ceiling Into A Jail

"Maui police arrested a woman today who fell through the ceiling of the Kihei Police Station and landed on the floor of the prisoner processing room.

 Police say Vazquez was placed under arrest for criminal property damage, criminal trespass, criminal tampering (all in the second degree), as well as disorderly conduct."

Read the whole story HERE

Tourist Goes Home With 1/4 Of His Skull In Luggage

Lee Charie, 32, smashed the left side of his skull when he fell from the balcony on the island of Koh Tao in December last year.
Hotel staff found Lee unconscious on the ground and was taken to a local clinic then a larger hospital on nearby island Koh Samui.
Medics resuscitated the swimming pool maintenance worker after two days without any signs of life.
But they were forced to remove a quarter of Lee's smashed skull to give his brain space to recover.
Lee was transferred back to Britain two weeks later after doctors handed him the missing chunk of his head in a box.

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Man Finds $118,000 Dollars Worth Of Whale Puke

"Lancashire resident Ken Wilman discovered the 3kg lump while out walking his boxer dog Madge on Morecambe beach.
‘I didn’t actually realise what it was at first, I couldn’t understand why Madge was so interested in it,’ he explained. ‘It smelled horrible.’
‘I left it, came back home and looked it up on the internet. When I saw how much it could be worth, I went back to the beach and grabbed it!'"

This whale puke is called Ambergris.  According to Wiki: "Freshly produced ambergris has a marine, fecal odor. However, as it ages, it acquires a sweet, earthy scent commonly likened to the fragrance of rubbing alcohol without the vaporous chemical astringency.[2] The principal historical use of ambergris was as a fixative in perfumery, though it has now been largely displaced by synthetics."

Now a lot more people can put whale puke perfume on,  how nice.  I do wish I found it though! :)

Read the whole story HERE

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cookie Monster Wanted For Questioning In Giant German Cookie Theft

A photo of the missing golden cookie

"The rectangular gilded bronze sculpture was part of a statue gracing the facade of German cookie baker Bahlsen's Hannover office.

How the century-old symbol was taken remains unclear, but police say witnesses reported having seen two men with a ladder in the area earlier this month.

The company has offered €1,000 ($1,350) for information leading to the cookie's recovery.

A police statement said a local newspaper received a picture Tuesday showing someone in an outfit similar to Sesame Street's Cookie Monster holding a golden cookie.

The sender wrote to demand cookies be delivered to children at a city hospital.

Walmart Madness #68! Another Walmart Meth Maker

As Strange Days Indeed News has reported in the past,  Walmart and Meth seem to go hand in hand:

Walmart Madness #12! Cooking Meth In Custody

Walmart Madness #59! Mobile Meth Lab Struck By Hit And Run Driver In Walmart Parking Lot

 Walmart Madness #21! Mom Shoplifts While Guy Does Drugs With Her Kids In The Car

And this is my second or third Walmart Madness Post,  it doesn't even have a number on it yet:

More Walmart Madness! Woman Makes Meth In Store

Now for the current story:

<---You need to lay off that shit dude!

"James Richardson, 37, of Perry, Ohio finds himself arrested for allegedly attempting to manufacture crystal methamphetamine with stolen products while inside a Walmart!

Walmart's security personal silently watched Richardson on the early evening of June 17th gathering the typical ingredients needed to create the dangerous drug. Fox8 says Police Lt. Ken Zbiegien confirms that Richardson then took his items and began mixing them together in a salt shaker. He was doing this to create methamphetamine in a process that is commonly known as "one pot" or "shake and bake." This is the preferred method among many crystal users, and the details of how to do so can be found online with relative ease."

He was then arrested trying to flee the Walmart with the mixing mixture in hand and was charged with theft plus meth manufacture,  his sixth drug arrest.

Read more about it HERE

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mean Girls Make Peecakes

I have a report over a year old now called MEAN GIRLS DO A POOP CAKE.  I guess it was just a matter of time before some other gross excrement filled treat hit the news.

" two upperclassmen females who attend Fermi High School in Enfield, Conn., are accused of giving their fellow students urine-infused cupcakes.
The girls allegedly peed into the cupcake batter before baking the sweet treats and handing them out to students throughout the course of a couple of days, WFSB-TV reports.
"Anyone they didn't like, they gave the cupcakes to," one Fermi High School student said.
The station reports the teens were approached by the school's administration after officials learned of the girls' dirty secret from one their friends.
According to, the students may face criminal charges for their nasty prank."

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Infant Given A Tattoo!

Warning,  the video is a bit graphic:

Poor baby!  :(

Monday, January 28, 2013

Follow-up! Evil Oompa Loompas Get Arrested

As posted HERE a couple of evil Oompa Loompas senselessly attacked a man coming out of a sandwich shop. ""Two of the males were dressed as Oompa-Loompas from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with painted orange faces and dyed green hair and were wearing hooped tops."
The spokesman added: "One of the males in the group then pushed the victim to the floor before he got up.
"He was then hit on the head, fell to the floor and hit again."

These evil Oompa Loompas were thankfully caught Saturday:

" British police said they have arrested a trio of suspects in an assault involving four attackers, two of whom were dressed as Oompa Loompas.
Norwich police said the three suspects, two men in their late teens and one in his early 20s, were arrested Saturday on charges of grievous bodily harm, the Norfolk Eastern Daily Press reported Monday."

Lets get these damn Oompas off the street!  In related news,  there is still no word of any arrests in the Heinous Smurf attacks in Melbourne.  Read that story HERE

Sea Foam Ninja Car

Watch out coppers!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Caturday Report! Kitty With No Front Leg Bones Gets Help

Cats Protection announced on its Facebook page that it was attempting to raise funds for an operation to help Harvey—and took in nearly $5,000 from hundreds of donors in less than two days.
It will take several months after the operation before Harvey is fully recovered. After that, Cats Protection will adopt him out to a permanent owner.
"He's a lovely wee thing, and because Harvey was born that way he doesn't know there's anything wrong with him,” Harvey's “foster carer” Liz McCulloch told STV. “So, he runs around on his elbows and happily plays with my other cat and dog."


"What are you gonna do for me?"

A woman who woke from an afternoon nap to a noise coming from her living room Wednesday found an intoxicated neighbor sitting in her recliner removing his shirt and coyly asking "What are you gonna do for me?"
By the time Indian River County Sheriff's deputies responded, they report Ronald Christopher Reich, 67, a fellow resident in the Countryside Mobile Home Park at 8775 20th St., smelled strongly of alcohol. He told deputies he had consumed two to three drinks.
The victim told police she woke at about 4:30 p.m. and found Reich sitting in her recliner. When she asked what he was doing, she says he replied "What's it to you?" When she asked whom he was looking for, he said "You, who do you think?" and removed his shirt, saying "It's about time you got here. What are you gonna do for me? I've waited long enough."
When she told Reich she was going to call police, she told police he laughed. It's not clear if the two know each other.
According to a probable cause affidavit for his arrest, a deputy
asked him why he had urinated on himself and Reich replied "I just did a little bit. I just squeaked out a little bit."

Source and more HERE

Friday, January 25, 2013

Man Hospitalized After Owl Attack

I guess it's time to break out my Angry Owl poster again, LOL.

"John Mackay, 58, was left bleeding from the back of his head in a built up area of Inverness near to the city centre. He thought he'd been hit by a brick.
He said the large bird of prey - around 2ft tall - knocked him to the ground and attacked the back of his head on Saturday evening.
The incident happened just outside the Masonic Club on Gordon Terrace in Inverness at around 9.15pm.
The 58-year-old went into shock after the owl, which he believes to be of the Eagle owl family, managed to slice the back of his head, causing heavy bleeding.
He said: "I thought I had been hit on the back of my head by a brick. I didn't hear a thing, not even the flap of a wing. It was only when I stumbled back onto my feet and I saw the owl perched on top of a van out of the corner of my eye that I then knew what had happened."

Read the whole story HERE

Here's Flamy, The Childrens Burn Ward Mascot

 Flamy,  also known as Chaminha,  is a mascot at the Fundacao Hospital in Minas Gerais, Brazil that currently receives over 100 burn victims a day.

"many of [the children] have been injured by flammable alcohol. So, it’s Flamy’s job to visit patients and teach them all about fire safety."

Now what all those Brazilian kids are doing with flammable alcohol is beyond my comprehension,  as is this mascot.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Man Wearing "Free Beathalyzer Test" Shirt Gets 6th DUI

"The 30-year-old was arrested early Saturday morning for drunk driving after he was found passed out at the wheel of a Chevrolet Cavalier that was parked with its engine running in the middle of a Wisconsin road.

A breath sample recorded Wendler’s blood alcohol content as .19, more than twice the legal limit. As a result, he was charged with operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated--the sixth time he has been busted for drunk driving."

Read the whole story at THE SMOKING GUN

Dirt. It's What's For Dinner

A restaurant in Tokyo is offering up a four course meal for $110 dollars with dirt being a chief ingredient.

"According to Japanese news site Rocketnews24, the dirt is a special black soil from Kanuma, Tochigi Prefecture and has been reportedly tested for safety.

So how does a chef start using dirt as a main ingredient in food?  After all, it’s the very thing that cooks spend time making sure doesn’t wind up in the meal. Apparently, Ne Quittez Pas’ Chef Toshio Tanabe once won a high profile cooking contest with his dirt sauce, and from there a full dirt-infused menu was born."

" The first course is a potato starch and dirt soup served in a shot glass rimmed with salt and topped with black truffle. The reporter, who got a chance to taste the dishes, noted that "there wasn’t a dirty flavor at all. Instead, this simple soup went down smoothly with just a hint of potato flavor."

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Walmart Madness #67! Boobtube Bandit Busted!

Police arrested 33-year-old Matthew Colleluori in Prospect Park on Tuesday afternoon. That's after police say he stole his FIFTH big-screen TV in six days from a Wal-Mart at the Marple Crossroads Center.   Police Chief Tom Murray says Colleluori began the spree on Jan. 17, when he walked into the Wal-Mart, loaded a big-screen television into a cart and ran out of the store. Police say he did it again two days later and again Monday.

“He came back this afternoon, the second time today, and still has the TV in the car from the first time,” Murray said. “Security knows who he is and confronts him. He assaults the security people and flees.”

Colleluori, of Wildwood, N.J., and Lutz, Fla., is charged with five counts of receiving stolen property, retail theft, simple assault on store security, aggravated assault for ramming a Ridley Park police car, fleeing and eluding, hit and run of an attended vehicle and weapons offenses

Read more HERE  and HERE

Man 'Rapes' Snowman, Gets Frostbite On Penis

"Last week, a 64-year-old man in England was DRUNK, spotted a snowman on the street – and decided to HAVE SEX WITH IT.  By the time he was done, the snowman was destroyed and he had FROSTBITE on his JUNK. The hospital says it may have to be amputated but, so far he is “still in one piece.”
snowman guy SOURCE

The Insane Naked Man Home Invader!

The resident of the house heard thunder like noises coming from the roof and went outside to investigate.  It turns out that the sound was from a naked man running around on the roof.  The man jumped from the roof onto the resident,  knocking him down.

The naked intruder then "[ran] inside the house, pulled off a TV from its stand onto the floor and then dumped the contents of a vacuum cleaner onto the floor."

He sucked up the contents of the vacuum cleaner then spit it out and took a shit on the floor!

The resident's wife fired three warning shots at the intruder and he fell to the floor.  Once on the floor he masturbated and pleasured himself,   then he ran into their sons room and rubbed their sons clothes on his face.

Read more HERE and HERE - if you want. lol.

A Distressed Dolphin 'Asks' A Diver For Help

This poor dolphin was tangled in fishing line.  Watch what happens,  go to 3min. 35secs. if you are impatient  <3 :

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Burglarizing Bucket Bandit

From the Bucky Badger Bandit to the Burglarizing Bucket Bandit,  SDIN has your B's 'covered.' :)

Teacher Smashes Bunnies Heads With Hammer In Front Of Class

An anatomy teacher for a public school in Milan has been sentenced to eight months in jail for brutally killing two bunnies in front of his middle school class.  The bunnies were supposed to be delivered already dead,  but upon finding two still alive the teacher "first tried to strangle them, then repeatedly punched the animals, and then after prolonged violence, smashed the rabbits' heads with a hammer."

 Read more HERE

Walmart Madness #66! Woman In Diabetic Shock Robbed

76-year-old Queen Walters says she had a bad reaction to some medication which caused her to konk out in her wheelchair cart. Her purse was in the basket up front and while she was out cold someone walked up... and snatched it.

"I had just went and got $300 out to pay my bills," Walters tells. The whole thing was caught on camera... they even got a good shot of the guy walking out of the store! Police say they have some leads, but no arrest yet. What does Walters think of the guy who took advantage of her situation? "He's less than a man."

Monday, January 21, 2013

Loud Ass Foils Burglary

No,  it wasn't one of the burglars after a re-fried bean binge. :)

The trio of criminals were forced to ditch their ill-gotten gains, during the 2am theft, after the animal started to bray and alerted police.
The group had managed to steal rum, oil, rice, cans of tuna and sardines from a small shop in the tiny north Caribbean town of Juan de Acosta, according to Noticias Caracol.
They planned to load the goods onto 10-year-old Xavi, who they had stolen some 12 hours before, and make their escape.
But the animal let out a series of 'hee-haws' and unfortunately for the trio alerted nearby police.
They had to ditch the donkey, which was still carrying the stolen items.

SOURCE  and more

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Follow Up: Bucky Badger Bandit Busted!

As I reported  here,  a guy robs a credit union wearing a Bucky Badger hat: 

I speculated that he was a  UW-Madison alum - and he is!

"An online UW-Madison directory lists Hubatch as a lead custodian at Union South on the UW-Madison campus. University spokesman John Lucas said Hubatch is not a current student but earned a bachelor's in English in 1998 and a law degree in 2004."

He said that he did it because he needed the money because of a $250,000 dollar student loan debt.  He also had this to say:  "If the district attorney agrees to send me to prison for a long time, then I will confess and plead guilty," Hubatch told Madison police Detective Tom Helgren after his arrest on Monday, according to a criminal complaint. "Otherwise, I have nothing else to say, and if released I will do it again."

Hubatch [also] told police he is "slightly autistic" and diabetic and can't afford his prescribed medication.

Read all about it HERE

The Caturday Report! Meet Tarder Sauce, The Grumpy Cat

"Grumpy Cat is the angriest cat you’ll ever see. She hates everything. Especially fun.

“I had fun once. It was awful,” her most famous Internet meme says.

Meet Tardar Sauce, the cat whose precious frown has made her famous as “Grumpy Cat.” In an Internet world flooded with adorable or outrageous kitty-cats, “Tard” has made her mark as the grumpiest of them all."

 More than 400,000 people like Grumpy Cat’s Facebook page. Tens of thousands of people from all over the world regularly like and share the photos and memes that are posted there.

Read the new article about Tard the grumpy cat HERE


Read more here:

Read more here:

Friday, January 18, 2013

"Well folkes im about to get shot. Peace."

Eric Ramsey

One last Facebook status update capped a bizarre night of terror in central Michigan during which police say a prison parolee abducted a college student at gunpoint, raped her, set fire to a house, stole a flatbed truck and rammed three police cars.

Police said the suspect told the victim he was going to kill her, and that's when she managed to escape from the moving vehicle and ran to a nearby house for help. A resident at the S. Mission Road home let her in and immediately locked the door. The suspect went to that home and set the house with gasoline. The home owner was able to extinguish the fire after a short time.

The suspect fled the scene in the victim's SUV and several hours later, Mt. Pleasant authorities were notified by Gaylord 911 that the suspect vehicle had just rammed an MSP cruiser.  A chase began, during which several police cars were damaged. Police said when one cruiser was rammed, a Michigan State Police trooper shot and killed the suspect.

Read more HERE and HERE

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Walmart Madness #65! How To Impress The Ladies

A man hoping to make a good impression with his date was charged with petit theft for allegedly stealing beer, wine and steaks from Walmart, according to the Manatee County Sheriff's Office.
About 5 p.m. Monday, James Flenniken, 48, was observed by a loss prevention officer taking the items worth $79.30 at Walmart, 8498 Lockwood Ridge Road.
Without being questioned, Flenniken said he took the items in order to "impress a lady," according to the sheriff's office.
Flenniken, charged with petit theft-shoplifting, is being held without bond at the Manatee County jail.


Read more here:

Woman Smothers Man To Death With Her Boobs

Donna Lange is reported to have smothered the fella using her assets during a drunken bust-up at their mobile home in Everett, Washington, US.
Witnesses told police they had heard the couple arguing on two occasions that evening, with 141 lb Donna throwing her partner to the floor during one incident.
They claim Donna, 51, then climbed on to him as he begged her to get off before laying on the victim with “her chest on his face."
At 5ft 7in, the victim stood an inch taller than Donna, but at around 127 lb, he was 17lbs lighter than his alleged killer.
One witness told police that the victim may have had a heart condition, but another claimed: ”She smothered him to death.”

Taiwan Confiscates 435 Dog Penises

A total of 435 penises were discovered in a fridge along with the other body parts, while 12 fresh dog corpses were also found in the raid at the slaughterhouse in western Yunlin county on Tuesday, the Animal Disease Control Centre said.

It was not immediately clear why the owner of the abattoir kept the body parts, a spokeswoman said. But local media suggested the man could have used the penises as an ingredient in herbal wine due to the belief they could help boost male potency.

Two live dogs were rescued during the raid and officials also discovered a number of collars, indicating some of the dead animals could have previously been pets, the spokeswoman said.

The owner of the facility, who is suspected of selling dog meat as food, has a previous record of killing animals, she said.

Read more HERE

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Police Chase Goes From Live TV To IN YOUR FACE TV

This is awesome:

Woman Steals Train, Smashes It into House

It was not clear how the woman, around 20, got access to the key needed to start the train. She was taken to hospital with serious injuries, but the train was carrying no other passengers as it was in the early hours and no one in the house was hurt.

"The [woman] drove the train at high speed, considerably higher than normal on that stretch, to where the rails end and crashed into a house," said Jesper Pettersson, spokesman at Stockholm Public Transport.

Source and more HERE 

Stand Closer To The Rhino Please

When do you not listen to the African wildlife expert? When he tells you to stand closer to the rhino.
That suggestion by a South African game park owner resulted in serious injuries to a 24-year-old woman from Johannesburg.
The Beeld newspaper reported Tuesday that Chantal Beyer said the game park owner snapped pictures and suggested that she "stand just a little bit closer" seconds before the attack. Photos show Beyer and her husband only feet away from two rhinos.
The paper said that just after the photo was snapped, the rhino attacked, and its horn penetrated Beyers' chest from behind, resulting in a collapsed lung and broken ribs, the paper said. The Aloe Ridge Hotel and Nature Reserve, where the incident took place, declined to comment Tuesday.

Monday, January 14, 2013

The Caturday Report! Lost Cat Walks 190 Miles To Get Home

A cat in Florida traveled nearly 200 miles in more than two months to reunite with her owners.
Frightened by fireworks, 4-year-old Holly bolted from Jacob and Bonnie Richter's motor home November 4th in the middle of the Daytona Speedway Park.  The couple searched for Holly for days, but had to head home to West Palm Beach without her. 
Then, over the weekend, Holly showed up in Barb Mazzola's Palm Beach garden, skinny and weak.  Holly had walked from Daytona Beach all the way down Florida to within one mile of her home.  That's 190 miles. 
Mazzola took Holly to a vet who found her microchip which showed she belonged to the Richters.

KTIV News 4 Sioux City IA: News, Weather and Sports

Saturday, January 12, 2013

5 Year Old Gets Drunk On Hand Sanitizer

Recently, Leanne Arndt’s five-year-old daughter reported being dizzy at school. The child was then rushed to Mott Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor. Doctors say the little girl’s ethanol levels were through the roof.  Once her daughter woke up, Leanne asked her what happened. Turns out, the child tasted several different kinds of hand sanitizer, adding that strawberry chocolate was her favorite.
“They were telling me that a one ounce ingestion of it can intoxicate an adult, and it’s about a 140 proof ethanol liquor,” Arndt said.  “That’s exactly what they compared it to is moonshine.”
Leanne says that doctors told her that her daughter just escaped death, adding that if emergency crews didn’t hook her up to IVs when they did, she would have been planning a funeral.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Freezing Naked Man Stuck In Chimney

<--- I don't think Santa left him there.

German firemen rescued a mysteriously naked man trapped in a narrow chimney in central Berlin, a spokesman said on Thursday.
The fire brigade was alerted to the emergency after police failed to help the 39-year old man who was wedged 10 meters (yards) down the shoulder-width chimney.
"The rescue workers, specialized in saving people at great heights, tried to pull the victim out from above with a crane and a sling," a fire brigade spokesman said.
"At first he held on to the rope but then his strength failed him so we had to come up with an alternative."
The team of about 30 firemen and 10 police officers bored a hole in the second floor of the building and managed to pull out the victim but not before he had lost consciousness. He needed 15 minutes of resuscitation and is still in hospital.
"He suffered from injuries in the fall and due to his scant clothing - namely his nakedness - he became very cold," the spokesman said.

 More HERE

The Bucky Badger Bandit

A man wearing a Bucky Badger hat robbed an east side credit union on Friday morning, Madison police reported.
The robbery was reported at 9:19 a.m. at Summit Credit Union, 1799 Thierer Road, police said in a news release.
The suspect displayed a note to a teller asking for money and implying that he had a gun, but no weapon was seen, police said.
An undisclosed amount of money was given to the suspect and he fled on foot.

Elderly Man Escapes Hospital To Drink Beer

My new 94 year old hero broke out of a hospital in Munich so he could celebrate his birthday in one of the German city's famous beer halls:

 A passer-by noticed the elderly man at an underground rail station on Wednesday as he still had an intravenous drip needle implanted in his left hand.

He took the slightly dazed man to transport authorities who called the police.

"After several calls, it emerged that the pensioner had bolted from a Munich clinic," police said in a statement. "He himself said he was on his way to a beer hall to have a belated birthday celebration."

Police said the man was then returned to the hospital, where doctors agreed to allow him to have the tall, frothy beverage of his choice.