Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tourist Goes Home With 1/4 Of His Skull In Luggage

Lee Charie, 32, smashed the left side of his skull when he fell from the balcony on the island of Koh Tao in December last year.
Hotel staff found Lee unconscious on the ground and was taken to a local clinic then a larger hospital on nearby island Koh Samui.
Medics resuscitated the swimming pool maintenance worker after two days without any signs of life.
But they were forced to remove a quarter of Lee's smashed skull to give his brain space to recover.
Lee was transferred back to Britain two weeks later after doctors handed him the missing chunk of his head in a box.

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Gabriel said...

That must of been an awkward moment: "In this box is the missing chunk of yr head. Here you go, sir."
What the hell is he supposed to do with it?

David said...

Haha! They are going to use the removed part as a mold for a titanium implant. The sooner the better too - that poor guy!

Gabriel said...

Hats are cheaper then an implant. plus, he can use the chunk as an ashtray. lol

(poor guy. i'm going to hell)

David said...

That got me to thinking, he could make a hell of a zombie look by gluing it to his head and putting gory make-up around it.