Friday, January 25, 2013

Man Hospitalized After Owl Attack

I guess it's time to break out my Angry Owl poster again, LOL.

"John Mackay, 58, was left bleeding from the back of his head in a built up area of Inverness near to the city centre. He thought he'd been hit by a brick.
He said the large bird of prey - around 2ft tall - knocked him to the ground and attacked the back of his head on Saturday evening.
The incident happened just outside the Masonic Club on Gordon Terrace in Inverness at around 9.15pm.
The 58-year-old went into shock after the owl, which he believes to be of the Eagle owl family, managed to slice the back of his head, causing heavy bleeding.
He said: "I thought I had been hit on the back of my head by a brick. I didn't hear a thing, not even the flap of a wing. It was only when I stumbled back onto my feet and I saw the owl perched on top of a van out of the corner of my eye that I then knew what had happened."

Read the whole story HERE


Rampant Inanity said...

Was the "Stange" typo on the Wanted Poster intentional?

David said...

Nope, it was a typo. Thanks for pointing that out, and welcome to Stange Days Indeed News! :)