Saturday, April 14, 2012

Man Flees From Sex Crazed Woman!

A desperate German man reportedly called police for protection after his one-night-stand partner demanded too much sex.
The 43-year-old man said he met with his newfound lover in a bar in Munich on Monday night, The Province reported. After going back to the 47-year-old woman’s apartment the pair had sex several times, a police spokesman told the news website.
But when the woman demanded he sleep with her again, the exhausted man said no and attempted to leave her place in vain, police said.
“Because the 43-year-old saw no other alternative, he complied with the woman’s wishes another few times so he could finally leave the apartment,” the police spokesman said.
But the man’s partner again refused to let him leave and he fled to the balcony and called police.
If that wasn’t enough, the woman even tried to seduce the dispatched officers into bed when they arrived, but was unsuccessful, police said.
She is now facing possible charges of sexual assault and illegal restraint.

Zombie Hamster, Arise!

A BRITISH family is in shock after its pet hamster not only came back from the dead and clawed his way out of a 50cm grave.
Dave Eyley had buried the four-year-old hamster after he found him "cold and lifeless" in his cage in Wantage, southern England, over the Easter weekend, The Sun reported.
But the plucky rodent, called "Rhino," was spotted scampering around the garden by a neighbour the next day.
Mr Eyley, 49, thought it was a mistake but when he checked the spot where he had buried the hamster in a plastic tub he found a  five-centimetre hole where the pet dug his way out.
He said: "He had rigor mortis when I buried him - and now he's running about.

"He's a plucky little soul and seems unaffected by being dead and buried. We're stunned - but happy to have him back."
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