Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hungry Leopard Eats 15 Children

A rogue leopard believed to have killed - and eaten - up to 15 villagers, including 10 small children over the past year is being hunted by Nepalese wildlife officials.
The severed head of the latest victim, a 4-year-old boy, was found on Saturday in a forested area nearly 400 miles west of the capital, Kathmandu. The Kathmandu Post reported the boy was playing in the courtyard of his house when the leopard struck, killing the boy then dragging the body into the forest. Police say at least one leopard with a taste for human flesh is on the loose, but that there could be others.
Last week, Nepalese officials offered a bounty of 25,000 rupees (approximately $280) for anyone who could bring in the animal dead or alive. The bounty amounts to several months wages for an average Nepali villager. Of the 15 victims so far, two-thirds are children from remote
villages. So far, there is no indication that any adult males have been attacked.

Walmart Madness #53! She/He Flashes Boobs At Customers

A 23-year-old man was arrested at a Walmart yesterday after flashing his breast implants at fellow shoppers before spitting blood at police.
Jeremy Owens, from Pennsylvania, was arrested for his alleged bizarre behavior at the Lackawanna County store.
Police found him on a local bus which he then refused to get off.

After he was arrested and put into a police car, Owens, who calls himself 'Jamie' banged his head against the window and cut himself, which allowed him to spit blood at officers.

Drunken Elephant Mob Destroys Village

The trunk and disorderly mammals ransacked a shop, three houses and ruined crops in the eastern village of Dumurkota, India.
Police say the gang of over-the-limit tuskers downed more than 500litres of  moonshine alcohol, managing to drink the place dry in a matter of minutes.
The unruly mob demolished dozens of houses in their desperate hunt for more booze after hoovering up the hard stuff in record time.
Local police officer Asish Samanat said the drunken elephants were more 'aggressive' than usual after their mammoth drinking session.
'Unfortunately these animals live in close proximity to man and they recognised the smell of the drink,' he explained.
'They were like any other drunk - aggressive and unreasonable but much, much bigger.'

Japan Buries Nuclear Waste In Public Parks

The small sandy square in front of Yasushi Takemoto's apartment in Koriyama, a city of 328,000 about 150 miles north of Tokyo, looks like a normal public park. On a recent weekday morning, a group of children played on the swings while the retired dentistry professor strolled under the trees.

Beneath the soil in one unmarked, unfenced corner, however, lie hundreds of bags packed with radioactive dirt, sludge from drainage ditches, and other contaminated debris.
The waste was collected from around the neighborhood last November by citizens trying to reduce radiation from the meltdowns earlier that year at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, about 37 miles to the east.
They packed the debris into bags, buried them about six feet deep between layers of plastic sheets, and covered them with soil – all with the approval of city officials.

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The Caturday Report! Just Before The Fight:

Judge Orders Lady To Wear Idiot Sign

Here is what she did:

In addition to a license suspension and fine, a woman who was caught on video passing a school bus by driving on the sidewalk will have to make an unflattering declaration to the world.  Or at least to Cleveland.
Shena Hardin, 32, plead out on Monday in order to avoid facing a trial.
Back in September, she plead not guilty to charges of not stopping for a school bus and reckless operation.
A bus driver had noticed Hardin’s pattern along East 38th Street so he notified Cleveland Schools and had his cell phone camera rolling during one of her episodes.
The portion of sidewalk she used to avoid the bus was the entrance to a day care.
Police set up a sting to catch her on her makeshift detour and cited her on Sept. 11.
As part of her sentence from Cleveland Municipal Court, Hardin must wear a sign that says, “Only an idiot would drive on the sidewalk to avoid the school bus.”

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Man That Lost Leg To Falling Crucifix Sues Church

David Jimenez was so elated over his wife's recovery from cancer that he offered to clean the large crucifix outside the Hudson Valley church where he spent many hours praying for her to beat the disease.

But on Memorial Day 2010, he was scrubbing grime off the cross when the 600-pound marble statuary toppled over, crushing his right leg.

The then-43-year-old immigrant from Mexico was flown to Westchester Medical Center, where doctors had to amputate his injured leg. He's suing the Roman Catholic church where he was hurt, and early next year his $3 million lawsuit is scheduled to go to trial.

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