Monday, March 31, 2014

Coffee Smoking Becoming Popular

"Teens are getting their caffeine fix in a way never thought of before. They're smoking it.
Coffee smoking is a dangerous new trend that's going viral among teens.

We've heard of people eating coffee beans, but smoking them is a whole other thing.

There are websites popping up online that will teach kids step-by-step on how to roll their own caffeine stick.

"We're about to legalize marijuana all over the United States. I think we can live with a few bean heads."
But the side effects can be dangerous. People have reported trouble breathing, dizziness, vomiting and even hallucinations."

Watch the video HERE

Man Lets Hyena Eat His Penis

(That'll do it)

"A man in Zambia has lost his genitalia after approaching a wild hyena and allowing it to feast on his naked body.

Chamangeni Zulu, originally from Malawi, was acting on a tip-off from a witch doctor in Eastern Province, who told him he would amass sudden wealth if he sacrificed some of his body parts. The witch doctor was vague regarding the manner in which Zulu would get rich from such an act.

Speaking to The Times of Zambia, Zulu said:
On 24th March around 4am, I went to a bush where I was instructed to be naked. A hyena came to me and started eating my toes and eventually my manhood was eaten.
Chamangeni Zulu
While it’s tragic indeed that Zulu has lost his opportunity to contribute to the human gene pool, he remains optimistic about his promised wealth.
Even though I have lost some important parts of my body, I still hope to get rich.
The witch doctor has declined to comment, but the actual doctor who is currently treating Zulu said: “Yes, it’s true he lost his manhood and three toes after being bitten by a hyena, but his condition is stable.”


Protip! Don't Have Sex On A Water Wheel

Lovemaking lands woman at bottom of well 

All's well that ends well.

 "Spanish daily ABC reported that the Ciudad Real woman had been having sexual relations with a man when the cover on a waterwheel well shaft became dislodged.

She plunged 10 metres into the hole near 'Playa Park' Рa waterpark popular with local youths as a venue for romantic liaisons and 'botellón' outdoor drinking parties Рbefore hitting the water.

 The young man did not, unfortunately, respond in a manner likely to inspire writers of romantic songs and novels.

Instead of trying to rescue his unfortunate partner, he hitched up his trousers and fled the scene.
Emergency services later received an anonymous call which they believe was made by him but he did not return to the scene of the accident.

When firefighters rescued the woman she was found to be soaking wet and wearing no underwear.
She was taken at midnight to Ciudad Real general hospital to be treated for symptoms of hypothermia before being discharged at 10am the following morning."


Walmart Madness #129! Woman Steals And Drinks Beer In Walmart For Two Days

 Pushin' it to the limit that one.

"A Castleton woman was charged with trespassing for allegedly hanging around Walmart and drinking beer for two days.

Elizabeth McGovern, 52, was spotted in the Hoosick Road store around 6:30 p.m. Thursday taking cans of beer and consuming them in the store, State Police said.

Employees asked her to leave and not return, but at 11:30 p.m. the woman was found a sleep in a shipping container in the "employees only" receiving dock area, troopers said. Three empty beer cans were scattered on the floor nearby, troopers said.

McGovern was again kicked out of the store but the next day came she returned and allegedly placed 24 oz. Yuengling beer in her pocket. Employees called police but State Police said McGovern went into the bathroom and drank the beer before troopers arrived."


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Man Swallows Fork

Man swallows fork in ‘stupid’ drunken bet
A man thought swallowing a fork sounded like a great idea (Picture: CEN)
A Romanian man has vowed to stop making drunken bets after swallowing a metal fork to ‘impress’ a friend.

Radu Calincescu, 25, was rushed to A&E, in the city of Bacau, after experiencing an ‘intense pain’ a few minutes after the stupid stunt.

He complained to doctors he had an uncomfortable feeling in his esophagus, but failed to mention he had swallowed the fork.

Doctors were left stunned when they checked his X-ray and discovered the foreign object lodged in his throat.

More at The METRO

Man Murdered For Raping Friends Cow

The murder weapon.
They found the body of Annop Buddhasart (41) on a mattress in the abandoned booth. His head was caved in due to blunt force trauma from a weapon. The Police found out that Annop was living with a man named Ta Khamkaew. They searched for Ta for 3 hours and found him looking and acting very suspicious. They took him for questioning at the police station, where Ta confessed that he killed Annop out of pure rage.

Ta said that he and Annop had been drinking together before the murder took place. After Annop has gone to his bedroom to go to sleep, Ta heard his white female cow cry out. He rushed into the bedroom with a hoe thinking the cow had been bitten by a snake. Instead, he found Annop raping the cow, so he bashed Annop with a hoe three times in the head until he died. He then hid the murder weapon and went to sleep at a farmer’s hut nearby.

Baan Thai Police took Ta back to the scene of the crime to find the evidence and to re-enact the murder, as well as to receive his confession. He has been charged with homicide and is now awaiting trial.

For more photos and story in Thai, visit Postjung Board

Friday, March 28, 2014

The Caturday Report! Meet Cye, The Worlds Shortest Cat

Yeah,  it's still Friday,  but I may not be around tomorrow. :)

(look at them adorable little legs. :))

Cye is one short cat! Guinness World Records has officially crowned Cye, a three-year-old male munchkin cat, the shortest cat in the world. Hailing from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, little Cye stands at a petite 13.6 cm (or 5.35 inches) from floor to shoulders, a significant 2.2 cm shorter than the previous record holder, Fizz Girl.

Sarah Langille and Cye with the official Guinness World Records certificate (Matthew Kang/CBC)
25-year-old Sarah Langille, Cye’s owner, has been a hobby breeder of the tiny cats for five years, reports the Waterloo Region Record. The naturally occurring genetic mutations of munchkin cats cause very short legs in the felines. Despite Cye’s record setting short stature, Langille says that she did not set out to get the world’s shortest cat, and only breeds a few cats a year."

 See more Cye HERE

Man Finds Mom Porcupine Dead Then Delivers Baby Porcupine By C-Section

Click here to watch the report

Jared Buzzell said he was on his way to search for mushrooms in Minot, which he collects for medicinal purposes.

He said he saw the car in front of him hit a porcupine and slowed down to check on it.

Click here for photos of the porcupine

Buzzell said his uncle had told him a valuable mineral will form in a porcupine's stomach, so when he realized the animal was dead, he said he cut it open to look inside.

"(I) cut the sack open and out fell the porcupine. (I) cut the umbilical cord, put it in a hat. We thought it was dead  -- then I started massaging it and all kinds of stuff starting coming out of its lungs so it started breathing," said Buzzell.

He's now taken it upon himself to look after the baby until it can be given to an animal rescue in the next couple of days.

Cheese Factory Closes After Workers Bath In Cheese Milk

Now producing Limburger with extra funk (if that's possible)

"Russia’s Federal Consumer Rights Protection and Human Health Control Service, Rospotrebnadzor, suspended the Cheese factory whose members bathed in milk, the press service on Friday said.The case files sent to the court for a decision of an administrative suspension of the company, Omsk Department of the Federal Consumer Rights Protection and Human Health Control Service noted.

"During the inspection specialists discovered violations of sanitary legislation. The industrial premises are in poor sanitary condition. There are no conditions for personal hygiene. The results of medical inspection are missed. Thus, the facts of sanitary legislation violations confirmed,” the official said adding that the inspection continues.

Rospotrebnadzor launched an unscheduled investigation of the factory after the images and videos of young men posing in a vat of milk were posted on the Internet. A worker of the factory Artyom Romanov posted cynical pictures in social networks. He wrote the milk in which the men bathed was intended for cheese production. The scuffed walls of factory, dirty floor with plastic basins for the final product are depicted in the pictures. "


Walmart Madness #128! Walmart Recalls Burning Dolls

"We're friends 'til the end! Remember?"

“My Sweet Love / My Sweet Baby Cuddle Care Doll” sounds innocent enough, but the commission said that the doll’s circuit board, located on the baby’s pink-clothed chest, is prone to extreme overheating. There have been 12 reports of overheating so far, leading to two burns or blisters, the commission said.

Part of the doll’s schtick is to cough when sick with what is presumably a fever. “Consumers should immediately take the dolls from children, remove the batteries and return the doll to any Walmart store for a full refund,” the commission said."


Crows Are Smart As 5-7 Year Old Children

A recent study from the University of Auckland, New Zealand, and the University of Cambridge determined that the New Caledonian crow is as smart as the average 5 to 7-year-old child.

The researchers were inspired by the Aesop fable in which a crow figures out how to get a drink of water from a half-filled pitcher it can't get its beak into.

As you know, the crow in the tale accomplished his goal by dropping stones in the vessel until the water level was high enough to be accessible.

What you may not know, is that real-life crows have the smarts to perform that trick as well.

In the study, six crows were presented with a similar challenge, only their water glasses had a worm floating in them.

They were supplied with a variety of objects that would either float or sink once they were thrown in.

Sure enough, they picked the heavy ones that would displace the water and retrieved their rewards.

The scientists say the reasoning skills the clever crows displayed were equivalent to ones utilized by a group of children they'd tested earlier.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Watch A Deaf Woman Hear For The First Time

Joanne's Milne's Implants are turned on and she hears for the first time! :)

Drink Some Yummy Goat Brain Beer While Watching The Walking Dead

Come one!  come all!  Get yer' spongiform encephalopathy here!

 Philadelphia's Dock Street Brewing Company has decided to release a beer in honor of the AMC series 'The Walking Dead'.

Beer lovers searching for something new will soon have a rather bizarre beverage to try out. Philadelphia's Dock Street Brewing Company has decided to release a beer in honor of the AMC series 'The Walking Dead'.

In case you haven't caught an episode of the show, it's basically a post-apocalyptic horror drama filled with Zombies and survivors who are doing everything they can to stay alive.

With the season finale of the fourth season fast approaching, Philadelphia's Dock Street Brewing Company is showing their support for the series at the perfect time.

The business is referring to the drink as a 'liquid tribute'. The official name of the beer is Dock Street Walker and it's an American Pale Stout brewed with cranberry, oats, flaked barley, wheat and brains.

Yes you heard that last part right, brains, specifically smoked goat brains. The company says the 'cranberries create a sinister, bloody hue and a slight tartness' while the 'pre-sparge-brain-addition provides this beer with intriguing, subtle smoke notes'.

The beer has 7.2 percent alcohol by volume and is scheduled to make its first debut on March 30th. "

Christopher Reeves Gets Busted For DUI And Meth - He Was Even Wearing A Superman Shirt

Real mug shot!

"A Utah man named Christopher Reeves was wearing a Superman t-shirt when arrested early today for methamphetamine possession and driving under the influence.

The 33-year-old Reeves (seen in the above mug shot) was allegedly speeding and driving erratically around 3 AM when Davis County sheriff's deputies pulled over his vehicle.

Reeves, who appeared impaired, was arrested after failing a field sobriety test. A subsequent search of his car turned up a large bag of meth, drug paraphernalia, and the synthetic drug Spice.

Charged with narcotics possession, DUI, and other counts, Reeves was booked into the county jail, where he remains locked up in lieu of $15,000 bail."


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Eating Bats Is Banned To Help Stop Spread Of Ebola

If you must eat bat,  be sure to cook it thoroughly.

"Guinea has banned inhabitants of the south from eating bats, a common feature of the local diet, as the creatures are considered to be the natural host of the virus.

Transmission of Ebola to humans can come from wild animals, direct contact from another human’s blood, faeces or sweat, as well as sexual contact or the unprotected handling of contaminated corpses.

Global aid organisations have sent dozens of workers to help the poverty-hit west African nation combat the haemorrhagic fever, with health officials raising the death toll by two to 63."

read about the revived epidemic HERE

Huge Rat That Terrified Cat And Kids Gets Caught


"A family in Solna, north of Stockholm, had no idea what was in store when their pet cat was too scared to go into the kitchen. 
"We thought it could be a little mouse, but after a while we figured it couldn't be because it was making too much noise," Signe Bengtsson told The Local.
Her worst fears were confirmed while emptying the trash a few days later when she saw a rat guzzling leftovers under the sink.
"It was right there in our rubbish bin, a mighty monster. I was petrified. I couldn't believe such a big rat could exist," she said.
"I couldn't help but do the old classic and jump on the kitchen table and scream."
Read much more HERE

Man Attacks Girlfriend With Anger Management Book

"A Spartanburg County man is accused of hitting his girlfriend with his anger management book while she was accused of stabbing him with a boxcutter, landing both of them in jail.

Deputies said they were called to the woman's apartment Monday night where the fight broke out while watching a movie.

According to the deputy's report, Sheelah Thompson, 22, claimed Tyler Ford, 23, strangled her and threatened to kill her several times, that he put her phone in the oven so that she could not call 911 and he "popped" their infant daughter twice on the legs because she was crying."

Read more HERE

Pastor Said He Prayed To Hard For Rain And Caused Massive Flooding In Texas

"In an appearance on the Christian Internet broadcast Generals International, Church on the Rock Pastor John Benefiel recalled how he had used a “divorce decree” to severe Baal’s hold on drought-stricken states like Texas and Oklahoma.

“There was no rain in sight, no rain forecast at all,” he said. “But literally the day after we first used this Baal divorce decree in 2007 — we declared it in a meeting together — the rains came. And we ended up having more rain between February and June of 2007 than any other 12 month period in history.”

According to NPR, at least 22 people were killed during the floods of 2007. Thousands more lost their homes"

Read more at RAW STORY

Drunk Driver Gets Car Stuck On Police Station's Lawn

"I'm not drunk.  I only drank one beer tonight!"

"Eyal Alima, 47, of the 1300 block of Southwind Drive, was charged with driving under the influence with a blood alcohol level of more than the legal driving limit of 0.08, according to police.

About 10 p.m. Saturday, Alima arrived at the Police Department to file a report, according to officials and Alima. But his car got stuck on the lawn after he tried unsuccessfully to park in a nearby area.

Alima missed the lot designated for public parking and drove into the employee section, said Daniel Petka, a Northbrook police spokesman.

Alima then circled the building and instead of exiting onto Landwehr Road turned and drove over the grass in front of the building, Petka said. The car likely got stuck because the lawn was saturated with melted snow, he said.

"The building is pretty well-lit outside," Petka said. "I think it'd be hard to get confused."

Alima, who was released on $1,000 bail the same night, said the incident was a misunderstanding.
"I absolutely 100 percent wasn't drunk," he said. "This happened by mistake."


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Weird Scarlacc Like Beast Filmed In A Pond In Lithuania

This is freaky!

"So i was walking with my dog in the evening just before sunset, we were travelling into vast fields of nature to escape common modern view. By accident I found a pond. It catched my interest since i saw a waterhole in the middle of it. Usually people drills waterholes in their ponds where fish lives, at winter time, so fish can breathe. I thought i will see some fishes and stuff... But as soon as i came closer, i noticed that it was evaporating. You can't see this in the video since i was filming with my phone which has shitty camera. When i stepped on that frozen pond, farther away from that waterhole (where i was standing) ice was 20 centimeters thick or even more. And that waterhole looked like it was melted with fire or something... You can see around that waterhole that there is snow or maybe ice particles blasted away from the center of this waterhole. What was underwater there is still unknown to me. It is not volcanic activity. In the middle of Europe there are no volcanos or underground volcanic currents. Plus water would be boiling. There are no pipes in the middle of nowhere, so not a damaged pipe... Natural Gas or oil? Impossible, it is not hot and why only the part of this whole pond is melted just above this thing/activity-reason? I don't know anymore."

Monday, March 24, 2014

Topless Protesters Outraged That Men Showed Up To Take Photos

"And stop looking at my boobies!"

"DOZENS of women have walked topless through downtown Portland, in the US state of Maine, in order to bring attention to what they claim is a double standard when it comes to the public display of upper torsos. 

Event organiser, Ty MacDowell, told she set up Saturday's event - with a police escort - because she could.

Maine's nudity laws only apply to exposed genitals.

Ms MacDowell said she was surprised by the number of men who showed up with cameras.
"I'm really upset by the men … all the men that are here, just like watching it like it's a parade," she said.

"We should be able to walk down the street and not have this many men taking pictures of us," a participant shouted."


Man Played Video Game For 2 More Hours While Stepson Wailed With Broken Leg

"Just one more mission...ok,  one more...wait - one more!..."

"A West Town man was ordered held on $1,000 bail Sunday after he allegedly played video games for more than two hours as his 2-year-old stepson sat crying in his playpen with a broken leg.

Luis Matienzo, 19, of the 1800 block of West Ohio Street, is charged with misdemeanor child endangerment in connection to the March 13 incident, which took place at his residence, according to court records.

The boy suffered a right femur fracture, according to court records, but it was not clear what caused the injury.

Matienzo played “Grand Theft Auto V” for two-and-a-half hours that day “while knowing that the (child) was injured with a leg injury, later found to be a broken right leg,” court records state."


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Tumbleweed Firedevil Forms At Controlled Burn

This is awesome!  Tumbleweeds invade dust devil and turn into a firestorm at controlled burn!. This video is worth your while..this fiery dust devil at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal.

Lesbian School Teachers That Had Sex In Classroom Get Their Teaching Jobs Back

"Manhattan appellate judges ruled on Thursday that two public high school teachers who were fired for doing it in a classroom back in 2009 can have their jobs back. The judges said Cindy Mauro and Alini Brito weren't on the clock at the time and other teachers have gotten lesser punishments for infractions involving students!

The story made headlines back in 2009 because it was the first instance in which two female high school teachers were caught having sex, and they were both hot, instantly validating every straight male high school student's deepest fantasy. It all went down when the Spanish and French teachers were attending an after school musical at James Madison High School in Brooklyn. But but the talent show was dragging on, so they snuck off to the French classroom for a little privacy.

But right when they were in the middle of getting it on, a pair of janitors stumbled in on them. High School Superintendent Linda Waite fired Mauro and Brito for "conduct unbecoming". After a lot of legal wrangling back and forth, a lower court ruled the women deserved a second administrative hearing. Now, almost 5 years after the night in question, judges ruled they can have their jobs back.

Today the two teachers are celebrating, but the Department of Education has vowed to strike back. We say, Just give it a rest guys, and get back to teaching those kids how to read. Mmm'kay?"

Expectant Father Of Quintuplets Finds Out Girlfriend Was Faking The Pregnancy For 34 Weeks

That's only 3 weeks shy of a full term pregnancy

"35-year-old Paul Servat recently learned that his girlfriend, who told him they were having quintuplets, was never really pregnant.

A man in Montreal, who was absolutely ecstatic to hear he was going to be a father, had his dreams crushed. 35-year-old Paul Servat recently learned that his girlfriend, who told him they were having quintuplets, was never really pregnant.

For months, Servat's world revolved around the babies he so longed for. According to Servat, his girlfriend, 37-year-old Barbara Bienvenue, let him choose all five names. The couple decorated a beautiful nursery, filled with five cribs, toys and clothes.

For 34 weeks, he was duped. In September of last year, Bienvenue told him she was pregnant. As time passed, Bienvenue revealed more surprising news.

First she said they were having twins. Later she claimed to have triplets in her belly, then quadruplets and finally the fictitious fetus count jumped up again to five.

Bienvenue's belly swelled and she suffered from morning sickness, giving every indication that she was pregnant. The scheduled delivery day came around and Servat took his girlfriend to the hospital, only to be told that there was no record of her pregnancy.

A nurse revealed the results of blood tests to him. Servat is devastated.

The hospital is keeping Bienvenue for psychiatric observation and it appears the couple will not work things out. Servat claims he wants nothing to do with her lies."

The Caturday Report! Enraged Cat That Trapped Family To Get Help From TV's Cat Whisperer

(My cat would shred him BTW)

“Every parental site on the Internet blames the cat for this confrontation. Every pet site blames the family,” he said, adding that something is wrong if the cat is acting out. “We need to step away from the hysteria. There is a story behind all this. Don’t assume anything.”

Lux became a worldwide phenomenon after owner Lee Palmer called 911 and said the cat had cornered him, his girlfriend, their baby and the family dog inside a room.

Palmer says his 7-month-old pulled Lux’s tail, and he kicked the animal after it scratched the child. Then, the cat “just went off over the edge,” Palmer told an emergency dispatcher after the family barricaded themselves. “He’s charging us,” Palmer said, as the cat was heard screeching in the background. Officers arrived and caught Lux with a dog snare.

 Palmer said the cat had a history of violence, but the family kept Lux until Monday, when they turned him over to a Portland-area shelter. But the family assured Animal Planet they were going to keep the cat and agreed to therapy with Galaxy."

Better for Lux to get a peaceful place somewhere else methinks.  I'll take the little rogue!

Read much more  HERE

Friday, March 21, 2014

Teenager Has Sex With Apple Box, Splits Penis Open

"He attained minor injures, nothing that couldn't be fixed. But the embarrassment doesn't end there. Mr. Boxin had to sit in the hospital bed with a cast wrapped around his penis, for all the nurses to see.

When asked why he tried to have coitus with a box he simply said "why not, I was horny, and it had a hole."

When his mother awoke in the morning she had thought that "someone got murdered" as there was so much blood."


Woman Dies After Injecting Vaseline Into Her Breasts

RIP Sonia Perez Llanzon

"Though Llanzon initially denied what she had done, she eventually confessed to doctors that she had injected herself with Vaseline several weeks earlier in the hopes of making her breasts larger. Doctors found several lesions on both breasts as a result of the home injections.

The Vaseline had entered Llanzon’s blood stream, causing blood clots that travelled to her lungs. Llanzon experienced a pulmonary embolism – a blockage of an artery in her lung – which resulted in her death.

"In all my medical career, I've never seen a case like this. The human body has antibodies to remove bacteria and viruses, but it hasn't got any mechanisms against this type of product," Julio Pla Cardenas, chief of surgery at Lucio Molas told La Capital.

Pla Cardenas said he has noticed an increasing number of people using Vaseline injections as a form of body augmentation, including men who have injected the product in the hopes of enhancing penis size.

Source plus other article HERE.  Look HERE as well.

Sperm Facials Are A Fountain Of Youth To 69 Year Old Grandmother

Stella Ralfini, who is just shy of 70 years old, women should put down the makeup kits and pick up a healthy strong man. She insists her bi-weekly sperm masks are the secret to her wrinkle-free looks.

According to Ralfini, while she was studying tantric sex meditation in India, she met one of the most beautiful women she'd ever seen. When asked how she kept her youthful appearance, the woman let her in on an ancient secret — smearing baby batter on your face slows the effects of aging.

While we are somewhat convinced it's possible that this does work, we aren't holding our breath for any of the major cosmetic brands to showcase man-milk in their selections anytime soon.

Nearsighted Woman Tries To Rescue A Poor Kitty Cat Stuck Out In The Cold Wind And Snow

"Here kitty, kitty, kitty!"

"It was below zero and I thought the poor cat needs to get in and thaw in warmth," said Hill.

Looking out her Greensboro window on Town Meeting Day, Hill said she saw the animal sitting under her bird feeder and sprang into action.

"I used to have a cat and I had a cat carrier," said Hill.

She grabbed the carrier, dashed out the door, fast approaching the feline and finding something wasn't right.
"There was quite a bit of blood and some fur," she said.

And as Hill got close, she quickly learned the cat was no kitty.

"Well once it got up, it went so fast, it was scary," said Hill.

Hill almost caged herself a bobcat.

She did eventually capture it... on camera that is. She snapped photos once the shock wore off and before the animal could take off."

See the photos HERE

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Walmart Madness #127! Another Toe Rapist Strikes At Walmart!

Surveillance photo of the toe rapist

"Police in Lincolnton, North Carolina are looking for a man who claimed to be studying podiatry before sucking a woman's toes at Walmart.

Police say it happened on Monday around 11:15 a.m.

The victim told police the suspect convinced her to try on several pair of shoes in the shoe department. But at one point, the suspect allegedly took the victim's foot and sucked her toes.

Police have released a surveillance photo of the suspect and need help identifying him. You can call the Lincolnton Police Department 704-736-8900."

UPDATE: They got 'em!

Voodoo Meth Priest Guided Drug Ring With Prophecies

"As part of Operation Hoodoo Voodoo, 44 pounds of meth -- worth about $2 million -- was seized when ring leader Luis Villafuerte-Rojas was arrested at a truck stop in Polk City.

The operation’s supervisor, Javier Flores, remains on the loose.

Flores and another ring leader, Ma-Conception Lopez, reportedly consulted with the Voodoo priest after investigators took $200,000 in cash in February.

"They wanted to know if it was OK to continue," said sheriff's spokeswoman Donna Woods.. "The priest advised them everything's OK. Just lay low for a couple of weeks. It's not the police. It's someone inside the organization…As a matter of fact, it was the police."

Lopez had been deported to Mexico in 2009 after serving a 3-year meth sentence, and returned to Florida illegally. Federal investigators say the multimillion-dollar Mexican meth pipeline moved through southern California to supply the drug to cities in Nevada, Georgia and Florida.

In addition to the meth, the ring was also in possession of a stockpile of weapons including AR-15 assault rifles, an AK-47 pistol with a drum magazine and a grenade launcher.

Wife Shows Up Naked To Jail To Visit Her Husband

"Police say Maura Fussell arrived at the magistrate’s office around 11:00 p.m. seeking to visit her husband, who had been arrested in Clarendon earlier that day. She was drunk, completely naked and refused to get dressed or leave in a cab, according to Arlington County Police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck.

Sternbeck was unable to say whether Fussell arrived at the office wearing clothes and subsequently removed them, or whether she arrived there naked.

Fussell was arrested and charged with indecent exposure and drunk in public. She was held in jail until sober, police said."


Walmart Madness #126! Manager Convinces Robbed Woman Not To Call Police

"In the latest incident of people being attacked and robbed in and around the Walmart at 4210 E. Highland Ave., a woman says she was assaulted inside the store about 5 p.m. Friday and persuaded not to call police by store managers, saying officers would take hours to arrive.

“As I was walking through the aisles I felt my gold chain become tight around my neck,” San Bernardino resident Linda Andrade said. “Then all of a sudden it was pulled a second time breaking and I saw him.”

That was when she looked her attacker in the eyes and began screaming for help.
“I kept yelling ‘security help, help,’ and nobody showed up,” she said. “All of a sudden a man came to me and said he (the attacker) was gone.”

Andrade, 68, said he claimed to be store security, but according to her, he refused to show credentials that would identify his position.

“I’ve lived here my entire life,” she said. “You’d think inside the store, customers would be safe but apparently not.”

When she asked for someone to call police, store management did everything in their power to convince her not to, Andrade said.

“They kept telling me the police wouldn’t show for hours,” she said. “I didn’t want to wait that long so I went home and called police.”

Once at home, San Bernardino police arrived within 15 minutes of her call."

Read more HERE

Grumpy Cat Toys Recalled Due To Chocking Hazard


"The recall involves a 5-inch Grumpy Cat in laying position, an 8-inch sitting Grumpy Cat and a 4-inch Grumpy Cat key clip. The recall stems from the toys’ eyes, which can get detached and cause a choking hazard to young children."

From the products website:

Q. Why is Ganz conducting this recall?

A. The eye on the plush can detach posing a choking hazard to young children. This product recall is being conducted in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada.

Q. How can I tell if my plush is affected by the recall?

A. There are three styles of Grumpy Cat that are affected by this recall: Grumpy Cat 5” Laying, Grumpy cat 8” sitting and Grumpy Cat Key Clip. The products are sold with a hang tag with the name Grumpy Cat and the sewn‐in label has the batch number 86754 or 224861. Ganz is printed on both the hang tag and the sewn in label. The other styles of Grumpy Cat plush are not affected.

Q. My plush appears fine. Can I continue to use it?

A. No. Even though your plush appears to be safe, you should stop using the plush. You have the option of a replacement item or a full refund upon return receipt of goods.

Q. How can I take advantage of the recall?

A. Stop using the product immediately. Ganz will provide you with a prepaid courier tag to return the product. After receipt of the returned item, a full refund will be processed or a replacement item will be sent to your attention.

Q. How long will it take for me to receive my refund or replacement product?

A. The refund check or replacement product will be mailed to you within four (4) weeks of receipt of your returned item.

Q. Which items can I replace the recall item with?

A. There are three items for your consideration ‐ A Grumpy Cat T‐ shirt, A Grumpy Cat Travel Mug or a Grumpy Cat Sign.

Read more HERE

It is always good to heed recalls!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Woman Finds Metal Shard Inside Anxiety Pill

"I'm on my second week and as I was splitting the pill in half it poked me and stuck to my finger. When I looked closely with a magnifying glass there was a metal shard stuck in the pill," said Baker.

Baker's doctor prescribed the pills which she picked up from a local drug store. She says now she's worried some of the pills she's already swallowed may have had metal inside.

"This is something that was supposed to help me. Something that my doctor prescribed for me, and now I've been swallowing metal for like two weeks," she said."

See video HERE

Want To Avoid People? There's An App For That

"While most social networks aim to connect people, one new service seeks to join the growing trend of doing the opposite and help you avoid them.

Cloak uses public location data from other social networks, Foursquare and Instagram, to determine the locations of others you know.

Users can choose to receive an alert when certain people are believed to be nearby.

It is the latest in the recent trend of "anti-social", or secretive, apps.

Cloak describes itself as a method to "avoid exes, co-workers, that guy who likes to stop and chat - anyone you'd rather not run into."

Read much more HERE

Radioactive Ants Swarm And Sting Researcher Looking For Chernobyl Fuel Fragments

Soon to be...


"Obtaining superpowers and a peanut sized reactor fuel fragment outshines everything we've seen so far!

finding uranium in nature at its worst - and i'm still waiting for my transformation into superwoman...
Thanks to the many comments i previously received, i took a streak test this time... and a gamma spectrum as well, of course."

The video is over 12 minutes,  but well worth a watch!

Protip! Try Not Be A Human Speed Bump

"Why did I take this job?"

"A Lawrence, Mass., woman says she saved the lives of her twin daughters after she used herself as a "speed bump" to stop her car from rolling into traffic.

Mindy Tran, 22, says she had been living in a shelter with twin daughters Saleen and Sydney, and that they had recently moved into their new apartment just days before the incident.

"It felt like I was starting a new life," she told ABC News today from the hospital where she is recovering from a broken leg and dislocated shoulder and hip. "The girls had started at daycare and we just moved in. It seems like when things are going too well, something bad will happen."

Tran says she is lucky to be alive after she lay on the ground behind her Honda Accord to stop it from rolling into the street with her kids still inside. "I laid down horizontally, using my body as a speed bump to stop the car," she said.

Her 2-year-old daughters were buckled in the back seat when the car started rolling. A neighbor also came to help.

"My neighbor jumped in and he asked what I wanted them to do," she said. "I said make sure my daughter's got out of the car safely."

(Photo Credit: Courtesy Mindy Tran) Her neighbor was able to get the girls out and they were uninjured, she added. "My daughters and I are all right and keeping our heads up," she said. "I'm lucky to be alive."

Source plus video HERE


31 Bighorned Sheep Moved For Conservation Effort - To Mountain Lion Infested Area. Guess What Happens?

"Thanks OBa-a-a-a-ama."
 "Ewe Welcome"
"The first phase of a three-year plan by Arizona wildlife officials to bolster herds of bighorn sheep has resulted in the death of half the population, after the 31 sheep were transplanted at a cost of $150,000 into the Catalina Mountains where mountain lions killed 15 of the protected species within a few months.
After nearly half the bighorn herd was killed, state wildlife officials in turn killed two mountain lions -- leading to protests by individuals who claimed the big cats should not be targeted for acting as natural predators in the wild.
The response to mountain lion killings of bighorn sheep has been to kill the mountain lions. That's a mistake," Small said. "When competition among mountain lions is removed, the litter sizes of the females increase and the result is more mountain lions than were there to begin with." 
"I think that the Arizona Game and Fish Department should stop this program completely. It's a waste of bighorn sheep and a waste of mountain lion."

Read much more HERE

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Woman Sets Mans Car Ablaze Because He Wouldn't Buy Her A McFlurry

 A hot date

"Witnesses said the woman was angry after she asked for a McFlurry and the man she was with refused to buy her one.

They said the woman grabbed the man's keys and headed to his car.

One witness said she saw her pour alcohol and gasoline on the man's car, light it on fire, and then run off.

People nearby tried to help him put the flames out.

A witness said the woman ran through a nearby parking lot, and was never seen again.

Officials said once the fire was out, the man left with his car."

He left with his car?  :)

SOURCE  Video of burning car can be seen HERE

Serial Urinator Sketch Released. Mannequin Wanted For Questioning


"The Gainesville Police Department has released a composite drawing of the man suspected of urinating on women.

In late February and early March, four incidents were reported of a man who was approaching women from behind and urinating on them. Since the media coverage of those reports, at least three more victims have come forward to report the same crime, according to police.

One of the victims was able to give enough information to help police create a sketch of the urinator."


Boeing 757 Loses Part Of Wing Due To Unknown Phenomena

Passenger takes picture of jet losing wing part mid-flight

"It’s the last thing you would want to see when you look out a plane window in mid-flight.

Passenger Trevor Sinclair took this picture after a wing panel fell off a Delta Airlines Orlando-to-Atlanta flight on Sunday.

After feeling the Boeing 757 rock from side to side, the crew made a safe emergency landing at its planned destination.

None of the 169 people on board was hurt.

Delta said it was investigating but insisted the lost wing panel did not affect the plane’s ‘ability to fly or land’."


Tarantula Lollipops, Camel Burgers, And Goat Penis - It's What's For Dinner

Parts of the mouthwatering meal

"Epicurious showed no fear at The Explorers Club annual dinner, held at New York City's Waldorf Astoria hotel this past Saturday evening. Adventurous eaters from across the globe attended the event, not only to hear keynote speaker Stephen Hawking, but also to sample exotic animal delicacies. Fried tarantulas on-a-stick were the biggest hit of the night--so much so that there were none left after the first 15 minutes."

 See photos of the other wild foods offered at the gala after the jump!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Woman Had Bullet Lodged In Her Head For 48 Years

The lead Lugar loogie!

 “I am happy that the bullet did not kill me, I am grateful to it for allowing me to live and have the opportunity of my life with my family,” said Zhao, from Liaoning province.

The question of how she went 48 years without knowing about the bullet resulted in conflicting media reports.

According to Want China Times, Zhao said she was hit on her right temple when she was 14 years old. At the time, she thought it was a stone."

"Doctor Zhao Ning believes that the bullet turned and eventually lodged into her nose, avoiding brain damage."

Read more HERE and  HERE