Monday, March 17, 2014

What Happens After Your Penis Gets Cut Off?

There have been a lot of cut off penis stories posted on this blog throughout the years.  There are even a couple recent cut off penis stories I haven't posted due to the fact that I am sick of posting them,  here's one:

Here is finally a story about what happens after:

"If the shorn penis can be reattached via surgery there is apparently no reason why people cannot go on and live a fruitful and relatively normal life.

A Chinese study of 50 men who underwent reattachment surgery found that all but one achieved full functionality again.

Remarkably, that was the case even if the operation required reattaching both tissue and bone.

In some cases reattachment is not an option and a new penis, made from tissue grafted from another part of the body, must be made.

While most certainly a scientific breakthrough, the reconstructed penis is not a popular option with patients with problems reported with both appearance and functionality.
Obviously a pretty important issue - in the Chinese study all but one of the patients recovered full functionality with some reportedly going on to father children after the removal. Apparently with the reattachment option a manufactured penile implant is needed for an erection to take place, but ejaculation is either not possible or not done with as much force."

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