Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Boeing 757 Loses Part Of Wing Due To Unknown Phenomena

Passenger takes picture of jet losing wing part mid-flight

"It’s the last thing you would want to see when you look out a plane window in mid-flight.

Passenger Trevor Sinclair took this picture after a wing panel fell off a Delta Airlines Orlando-to-Atlanta flight on Sunday.

After feeling the Boeing 757 rock from side to side, the crew made a safe emergency landing at its planned destination.

None of the 169 people on board was hurt.

Delta said it was investigating but insisted the lost wing panel did not affect the plane’s ‘ability to fly or land’."



Dr. Theda said...

"Boeing".... the sound the pieces of the plane make as they hit the ground

David said...

I wonder if Captain Sum Ting Wong was piloting this one? :)