Sunday, March 16, 2014

Man pretends to need help, says "just kidding" and punches Phoenix police officer in head.

"Officer James Holmes with the Phoenix Police Department said officers received multiple calls at 10:40 p.m. about a fight at a home near 7th Street and Union Hills Drive Saturday evening.

When officers arrived, a 29-year-old man apparently approached one of the officers, indicated he needed help, then said "just kidding" and punched the officer in the head, according to Holmes.

A witness reportedly told police that the man has been using "mushrooms."

Police were forced to tase the suspect twice because he kept pulling out the wires, said Holmes.  The suspect was able to get back up and then ran into his house and into a bedroom.

Authorities set up a perimeter around the home and attempted to call the suspect out, but he would only come out a few feet, advance on the officers, and then run back inside."


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