Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pigeon With Lit Cigarette Starts House Fire


A pigeon carrying a lit cigarette to its nest has been blamed for starting a fire in a building in south London.

Fire in Stockwell 
Pigeons had often been seen flying into a hole in the roof.

 "Smoke billowed from the roof of a three-storey building as the flames took hold above a row of shops.
Some 21 firefighters were called out to tackle the blaze, sparked after the bird dropped the butt in its loft nest.

They took more than two hours to quell the fire, with the investigation team initially confused as to its source.
London Fire Brigade officer Matt Cullen said: ‘When we got up into the roof, we were baffled as there were no obvious ignition sources.

‘We looked everywhere, but the smoking gun was found when we discovered a partially burnt bird’s nest. We believe that one of the birds picked up a cigarette butt that was still smouldering and dropped it into the nest, causing it to catch fire and set the roof alight."


This behavior is nothing new,  and probably to blame for other mysterious fires as well.  Birds have been known to use cigarette buts to line their nest because they repel pests!:  

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