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Why Did The Giant Chicken Cross The Road?

To nab a bunch of douche-bags

" A police officer in Lake Elsinore, Calif., donned a yellow chicken costume and crossed numerous roads in an effort to nab drivers who fail to yield for pedestrians, reports.
Police said 31 drivers were cited for failing to give way to a pedestrian -- and some said they didn't even see the chicken. One driver was cited for speeding.

"Even though the decoy was wearing a bright yellow costume, most drivers stated they did not see him crossing the road," Sgt. Peter Giannakakos told

Police conducted the operation at five separate locations across the city after residents had complained that drivers were not yielding to pedestrians, especially near schools.

Residents were reportedly warned of the operation days before the sting."


The Caturday Report! Happy Halloween, Here's Simon's Cat In "Scary Legs!"

Along came a spider...

Man Limps Into Burning Home To Save Beer


"A man who walks with a cane was not injured when he ran into a burning Columbus house to recover beer he left inside the house.
 Officials are investigating the cause of the fire that broke out Thursday afternoon. Residents of the home say they believe the fire was caused by a water heater.

Six adults and two young children were inside watching television when the room began filling with smoke. After the children were rescued and everyone made it outside safely, Walter Serpit told WVTM television that he went back inside to retrieve his beer.

He said he went back inside "like a dummy" and the door shut behind him. He said he was able to escape without being burned and managed to save several cans of beer."


Police Follow Trail Of Curly Fries To Catch Groper

Do not feed the gropers

"Police in central Pennsylvania say they found a suspected groper of a fast-food worker by following a trail of curly fries.

It started when a female employee at an Arby's in East Lampeter Township, Lancaster County, called police Wednesday night saying she was groped by a man as she handed over his order at the drive-thru window.

The employee gave police a description of the car, which was found outside a motel less than a mile away.

Authorities said they spotted a trail of Arby's curly fries and sauce from the vehicle to the room of 36-year-old James Cowan of Fitzgerald, Ga.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Ghost Breaks Into A Liquor Store

The Boo Burglar

"Security cameras captured a man dressed in a white sheet running back and forth down the aisles of the store and into the backrooms.

"Probably a practical joke, Halloween," said customer Doug Conner. "People ain't got much to do, so they just get out and party. He was probably high.

At one point in the video, the suspect seems to keep readjusting his costume.

"He didn't prepare himself very well," Sparks said. "He thought about all the things. He wore gloves, he put something over his head, but he couldn't manage to keep it straight the whole time."

Despite his disguise, the man didn't steal anything."

More story and photos  HERE

Man Catches Wife Cheating, So He Bulldozes Their House With An SUV

Word is the man caught his wife cheating on him and he decided to take things into his own hands bulldozing his own home! CRAZY! THIS GUY IS A MORON!

Woman Arrested For Firing Squirt Gun At Boyfriend

Only criminals use squirt guns nowadays.

"A 19-year-old Florida woman has been arrested, accused of squirting her boyfriend with a water pistol.

Giovanna Borge is charged "for squirting water on (her boyfriend) to antagonize and agitate him against his wishes."

According to a recently released arrest warrant, Borge was arrested on Sept. 27 following an escalating incident between Borge and her boyfriend.

Read the police report HERE

A Giant Purple Hand In Prague Is Giving Parlament The Finger

How can I order one of these for the Potomac River?

"A Czech artist known for his anti-communist stance has floated a huge statue of a hand making an obscene gesture on Prague's main river, days before parliamentary elections that could give the communists a taste of power almost a quarter-century after they were ousted.

David Cerny's giant purple hand, extending an oversized middle finger, was placed on a pontoon on the Vltava river Monday, near the famed Charles Bridge and visible from Prague Castle, the seat of the presidency."

For 15 more photos and more go  HERE

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Walmart Madness #109! Alligator Forces Store Lockdown

A 6-foot gator slithered up to the Apopka store's entryway Sunday morning and stayed there, causing the automatic doors to open and close.

Employees locked the door to keep the gator out while Apopka police officers tried to lure the animal away.

As customers gathered around to view the alligator and take pictures, the beast took off for the woods.

Officers scoured the swampy area neighboring the building, but lost sight of the alligator.
The gator has not been since since it crawled into the woods.


Dogs Overdose On Drugs By Eating Human Addict Poop

"Vets in Germany's capital are warning about an increase in the number of dogs becoming ill and unable to walk properly, after eating the feces of human drug users in Berlin's parks. 

Apparently groups of drug users tend to gather in parks in the Treptow and Kreuzberg areas of Berlin and some of them use the bushes as a public toilet. According to Germany's Tagesspiegel newspaper (in German) on Monday, this is proving to be dangerous for dogs. The newspaper quoted veterinarians in the city who said that they had see a rise in the number of dogs brought to their clinics that had eaten human waste. On running tests on the dogs it was revealed that they had been poisoned by illegal drugs, including heroin, that were still present in the human feces. 

Read more:

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Still Think We Have A Free And Independent Media? Here's Some More (funny) Proof Our Mainstream Media Is Completely Monolithic:

True fact - 6 corporations control over 90% of all media in the United States.

Man Chainsaws Hole In Restaurant To Finish His Pudding

Petr wants his pudding even though he didn't eat his meat.

"A man in the Czech Republic was arrested for taking a chainsaw to the door of a restaurant after waiters wouldn't let him finish his dessert, reported.

Petr Svacha, 36, was eating in a restaurant in Zlin when staff members told him to leave because it was closing time.

Not pleased, Svacha came back with a chainsaw and cut a hole in the door.

"He sliced a hole in the door, climbed inside and went to his table, but when he grabbed the half-finished dessert he was overpowered by a waiter and handed over to police," Zlin police spokesman Ales Mergental said, according to Orange News."

The Caturday Report! Depressed Tiger Mom That Lost Her Cubs Adopts Piglets

Who said the The Caturday Report had to always be about domestic cats? :)

The proud mother and her,  uh,  Tiglets!

"A mother tiger lost her cubs due to premature labour. Shortly after, she became depressed and her health declined. She was later diagnosed with depression.
Since tigers are endangered, every effort was made to secure her health. Zoologists wrapped piglets up in tiger-print cloth, and presented them to the mother tiger. She now loves these piglets and treats them like her own. And needless to mention, her health is back on track. Yes, they All have feelings."

Photo: Time to chill you out!

A mother tiger lost her cubs due to premature labour. Shortly after, she became depressed and her health declined. She was later
diagnosed with depression. Since tigers are endangered, every effort was made to secure her health. Zoologists wrapped piglets up in tiger-print cloth, and presented them to the mother tiger. She now loves these piglets and treats them like her own. And needless to mention, her health is back on track. Yes, they All have feelings.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Halloween Decorations Scare Woman's Precious Little Snowflakes - Police Come To Her Aid

Creighton said that had anyone had told him they were worried he would have been willing to compromise, adding that the way it was handled was a "ridiculous waste of police time". After inspectors visited him Creighton did take some the gorier items down, but has since put them back up:

Vandals Engage In A Little Topiary

They thought the bush needed a bit of a trim

"City staff says vandals are responsible for trimming a shrub to look like a phallic symbol on the waterfront.

Workers on Wednesday moved quickly to fix the three-metre tall shrub.

A photo of the shrub was first posted on an online blog sometime Wednesday.

The city made changes after CBC News brought it to the city's attention.

Cathy Masterson, the manager of cultural affairs, said the city was unaware of the situation until CBC News emailed her a photo.

"Unfortunately, it appears that someone chose to come and vandalize some of the shrubs and turn them into new shapes," she said. "This would definitely have fallen outside of our mandate. It's always surprising when something that unusual happens."

Mayor Eddie Francis was not happy when CBC News informed him of the prank.

Staff trimmed the bush into what Masterson called a "more traditional shrub shape."

 The circumcised shrub

Walmart Madness #108! Worker Fired For Helping Woman That Was Being Attacked

No good deed goes unpunished at Walmart

"A 30-year-old Michigan man has been fired from his job at Walmart after coming to the aid of a woman being attacked in the store’s parking lot.

Kristopher Oswald says he was on a break from his job at the Walmart in Hartland and sitting in his car around 2:30 a.m. when he saw a woman screaming after a guy grabbed her by the arms.

Oswald says he went over to the woman and asked her what was wrong and if she needed help.  He says that's when the guy attacked him and he defended himself.

Police quickly arrived on the scene, but the trouble wasn’t over for Oswald.

Oswald told ABC News affiliate WXYZ-TV in Detroit that Walmart fired him"


NASCAR Gives Up Trying To Lose It's Redneck Reputation - Introducing The Bacon Beer Milkshake!

I want one!  For scientific experimental purposes of course.

"Shake'n Bacon Brew is a bacon-infused beer milkshake, which follows in the famous footsteps of the speedway's bacon cotton candy.

Levy Restaurants' executive chef Joel Pena created the unholy pork and beer concoction for the upcoming AAA Texas 500 NASCAR races coming Oct. 31.

The milkshake includes six ounces of Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream, two ounces of bacon syrup, two ounces of candied bacon, and half a bottle of Rahr & Sons Ugly Pug Black Lager.

Chef Pena tops it off with whipped cream topping and yes, a handful of bacon bits, making it sixteen ounces of pure decadence and meat sweats."


The most popular item of the group was the "Hawg Heaven" bacon cotton candy, which was joined by the Bacon Martini, Smokin' Hubcaps (brisket on a glazed donut), mac 'n cheese hot dog and chocolate-covered Pit Stop Popcorn. All of these items will be available once again for the AAA Texas 500 race weekend.

 "I loves me some Shakn' Bacon Milkshakes!"

Protip! Don't Wear A "Snitches Get Stitches" Shirt To Your Court Sentencing

"he strolled into court with a white short-sleeve T-shirt with "Snitches Get Stitches" splashed across the back in bold letters.

He looked incredulous when, just before taking a break at Thursday's sentencing, the judge ordered him to remove the shirt, which had a red stop sign above the word "Snitching" on the front.

Yet the 33-year-old Rotterdam man, who gave the shirt to a male friend to wear in court, remained silent when Visiting Schenectady County Judge Michael Coccoma asked him if he wanted to address the court before sentencing for firebombing the home and vehicle of his former girlfriend's new boyfriend last year in Rotterdam.

Ahrens, who was represented by attorney Cheryl Coleman, replied: "I have nothing to say, your honor."

The judge imposed a sentence of 15 years behind bars"

Read more HERE

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My 1000th Post!

Well well well.  It's strange how I started this strange news blog on a whim just because I love strange news and here I still am,  1000 posts and nearly two years later! :)

I love things like crossword puzzles and hidden object games;  this blog fulfills much the same feeling of accomplishment when I ferret out stories that I deem worthy of posting here.  Sometimes it can be a pain though,  I've searched for over five hours before and have not posted a single story!  Then again,  sometimes they come easy.  One thing I can count on is the fact that the strange news will keep on coming and coming.  Truth is much stranger than fiction,  and these are strange days indeed.


Naked Man Assaults A Woman Then Gets Impaled On A Fence

Before sunrise Tuesday morning,  a woman was assaulted and called the police on her assailant. When police arrived, they found the man, naked except for his tennis shoes, fleeing the scene of the crime. They pursued him, but his cheetah like agility almost allowed him to get away, until he tried to jump a fence, but instead ended up penetrated by it. Only one type of assault goes with nudity, but it would be in poor taste to make light of such a crime, or the apparent karmic retribution visited upon the assailant's person by the spike in the fence. I'm just sayin'.

Don't miss the fine TomoNews animation of the event! :)

Man Calls 911 Three Times For Being Overcharged One Penny

He wanted some hot cross buns to go with that beer!

"The Commercial Appeal reported ( ) that police arrested Smith, 51, after he called 911 twice on Monday, then called a non-emergency number after being dissatisfied. His complaint: The clerk at the store overcharged him by a penny.

The calls started just after 4 p.m. after Smith bought a 16-ounce Heineken.

The store clerk refused to hand over the penny Smith demanded, so he called 911. Police arrived and told Smith it was a civil matter.

After the third call to police in his quest for a penny, officers arrested Smith."


Now There Is Wine For Cats! Introducing Nyan Nyan Nouveau Cat Wine

"Today in Japan, bottled wine created especially for cats goes on sale. This is not a joke. Apparently.

Pet supplement company B&H Lifes is rolling out "wine exclusively for cats" that is called "Nyan Nyan Nouveau." In Japanese, "nyan nyan" (ニャンニャン) can refer to a cat's meow as well as people screwing. Here, it refers to cats.

"Nouveau" appears to evoke Beaujolais Nouveau, which is quite popular in Japan.

The drink does contain juice made from Cabernet grapes, Vitamin C as well as catnip for a beverage that supposedly tastes like red wine."

Read more HERE

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Virginal Blood Balls Sold To Prostitutes So They Can Charge Higher Fees

I couldn't find a photo of a blood ball.  Thankfully.

"Several clinics in Taipei, both registered and unregistered, are found illegally producing fake virginal blood balls and selling them to prostitutes. Doctors at these clinics often soak a cotton ball with blood and preserve them in the freezer.

Prostitutes spend NT $300 to $800 dollars to buy a virginal blood ball. They stuff these balls in their vaginas and deceive customers into spending a much higher price for their fake virginity.

Two of the doctors suggest that preserving blood balls in the freezer makes it easier for women to stuff them into their vaginas. They even offer service to help women take the blood balls out if they fail in self attempt. The doctors emphasize that their blood balls are all safe and sanitized."

Fukushima Industries Unveils It's New Mascot - FUKUPPY!

A Japanese firm with the unfortunate name Fukushima Industries found itself the target of mockery on social media after unveiling a new mascot with an even more unfortunate name: Fukuppy.

 The company—an Osaka-based maker of industrial cooling equipment with no connection to the nuclear plant of the same name—described the egg-shaped mascot as curious and kind with "a strong sense of justice," reports the South China Morning Post. The image quickly spread on Twitter, where it was mistakenly described as an attempt to raise the profile of disaster-hit Fukushima Prefecture. A company spokeswoman says there was a "misunderstanding" about the name and the firm plans to act to end any confusion.


Walmart Madness #107! Frequent Flasher Flashes Fleshy Front

<--- "Flash" Williams

"A man is back behind bars, accused of showing his privates to a Walmart cashier.

Police said 33-year-old Dea Williams was on probation and wearing a GPS-monitoring system Saturday when he exposed himself in the checkout line at Walmart in Gastonia.

Channel 9 learned Williams has been arrested for indecent exposure seven other times in two years.

In July, officers said he exposed himself in a nonprofit agency that helps victims of sexual abuse.

During that same two-week period, police said he flashed a woman in a church parking lot.

On Wednesday, he was arrested on charges of exposing himself to a group at a lawyer's office."


Monday, October 14, 2013

Walmart Madness #106! Rabid Kittens Adopted At Walmart

"The Oklahoma State Department of Health issued a release Friday about the kittens, requesting those in contact with the adopted animals contact Epidemiologist-on-Call at (405) 271-4060 or (800) 234-5963.

According to the department, four kittens, around 9 weeks old with black and white markings, were put up for adoption on the Tahlequah Online Garage Sale Facebook page Oct. 1 and adopted at Tahlequah's Walmart parking lot.

Two days later, however, one of the kittens began showing signs consistent with rabies and was put down. Further testing confirmed the presence of rabies, the health department says.

Obese Man Told To Buy Two Airline Seats And Does. They Give Him Seats In Row 19 And Row 17

Only a chainsaw could solve the problem

"‘When I got to the airport I had to explain to all the staff why I had two tickets,’ he said yesterday. 

‘They didn’t have a clue. When I finally got on the plane one was an aisle seat and the other was by the window – in a three-seat row. 

'On the way back from Ireland one seat was in row 17 and the other in row 19.’ 

Mr Price, of Brynithel near Newport, South Wales, said the incident was one of many everyday difficulties he has faced since he began struggling with his weight."

Man Peeing On The Road Gets Choked, Then His Car And Dog Stolen By Enraged Onlooker

Next time use a Gatorade bottle

"A man said after he stopped to relieve himself in the middle of Calhoun Avenue, an enraged man choked him and then stole his car with his dog in it.

Ronald Reynolds, who is deaf and cannot read, said he stopped in the 4000 block of Calhoun "to go to the restroom (number one)."

He said he "was using the restroom" in the street when it apparently upset a man who spotted him doing it. He said the man put his hands around his neck and began strangling him so he could hardly breathe.

He said the man then got in his 2004 Honda Accord and drove off (since he had left the keys in the ignition with the engine running).

A passenger in the vehicle was the owner's 13-year-old dog.

A witness, who declined to give his name, said the suspect might be "Frank."


Walmart Madness #105! SUV Plays Pinball In Walmart Parking Lot - No Word If He Got The 10,000 Point Bonus

Ping Ping Pew Ping!

"One adult and two children suffered serious injuries Saturday night in a car crash involving multiple objects in a Wal-Mart parking lot.

Metro Police responded to the crash about 9:05 p.m. at a Wal-Mart in the 7200 block of Arroyo Crossings, near Rainbow Boulevard. A Nissan Pathfinder driven by Getnet Tefera, 29, with 4- and 2-year-old passengers, was traveling north through the Wal-Mart parking lot when it struck a planter box and stop sign, Metro officials said.

The car then ricocheted into a tree, a shopping cart corral and a column in front of Wal-Mart before it came to a rest, Metro said. The driver and two passengers were taken to University Medical Center in serious condition."


Saturday, October 12, 2013

WAAAABGH!! Oh. It-t-t-t's Ju-just A Cat. Wheelchair Cat Must Be Leashed, And Snoopybabe - Teh Newest Cutest Internet Cat Sensation. The Caturday Report Is Here!

I'll start out with the supercut of "It's Just A Cat."  Great stuff,  and I find it amazing how often this TV trope has been used:

A wheelchair-using cat must be leashed, ticketed woman learns:


A Florida woman has been ticketed for failing to use a leash when walking her disabled cat, who uses a wheelchair.

Yvonne Steel of Melbourne bought a two-wheeled device for her cat, Pooh Bear, because he can’t use his back legs, WESH reports. She received $230 in tickets on Tuesday for failing to leash her cat and her Chihuahua, and for a rabies shot violation, the story says.

“That was my very first knowledge that cats could not be allowed off the leash,” Steel told the broadcast station. “I wouldn't even know where to put the leash, to be quite honest."


China's absurdly fluffy Snoopybabe takes the web by storm:


 The internet's favorite felines have a new challenger to the title of cutest cat.

Snoopy, an exotic short-hair cat, is already a huge hit in his native China and this year has taken the rest of the world by storm.

He already has more than 275,000 followers on Weibo - China's version of Twitter - and a further 190,000 on Instagram. 

Here is a short video featuring Snoopybabe:

Friday, October 11, 2013

Reporter Eats Cat Vomit On Air (Video Included)

On Wednesday morning, Scot Haney, weatherman for Hartford’s CBS affiliate WFSB, scooped up a handful of food-like crumbs from the studio floor and immediately ate it on-the-air. What possessed him to do that in the first place? Well, he thought they were leftover Grape Nuts.

After several seconds of munching, he realizes the food smells like “dog poop” and doesn’t taste so good.
Cut to a later on-air report, where Haney half-giddily/half-horrifiedly told the viewers that he actually ate his own cat’s vomit off the bottom of his shoe.


Groom Accidentally Abandons Bride At Gas Station. No Word If He Survived.

A German couple's marriage got off to a rocky start when the groom forgot his bride at a highway gas station on the way home from their honeymoon, only noticing she was missing after hours had passed.

Police said Friday the couple was heading home to Berlin from France when the man pulled over near the central town of Bad Hersfeld late Thursday to fill up their van.

The woman had been sleeping in the back but got up — unbeknownst to the man — to use the toilets and he drove off before she returned.

Only after 2 ½ hours on the road did he notice she was gone and called police, who said she was patiently waiting.


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Gort Evans Is Just A Misunderstood Stalker, He Says

"People need to accept me for who I am!"

Evans, a mechanic, recorded the video on Montara Mountain and posted it to on September 22. Titled 'I made a "Friend" on the Mountain... Wait for it...', the video runs 59 seconds and shows the lone hiker in the distance. The camera used was apparently handheld and after the woman is plainly seen, Evans turns the camera around until we see him wearing a black, knitted ski mask, flashing a toothy, devious grin.

Not long after, the video was shared extensively on social media. Though intended as a joke, many viewers found the content disturbing and reported it to the police.

iSpy Spies The Laziest Postal Worker Ever free open source surveillance software: I simply have no words. The package was not heavy in anyway, and yet this woman made the decision to do this:

Protip! Don't Use A Torch To Open A Locked Box Of Fireworks

Two New Hampshire men were killed in an explosion after allegedly trying to steal fireworks. According to police, the victims, both 21, were using a blow torch to break into a metal container that had fireworks inside.

Lucas Burke of Allenstown and Ethan Keeler of Epsom were killed in the blast, set off by the blow torch. A neighbor reported the explosion, at 67 Farrington Corner Road, around 1:30 Tuesday morning. New Hampshire State Fire Marshal J. William Degnan says the investigation is still ongoing.

The two men did not have permission to be on the property.


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Dog Just Rescued From Death Saves Little Boy From Death

When watching Peyton Anderson play with his dog, it's clear the two have a special bond -- but Smith didn't know how special that bond was until last week when the pooch alerted her that the 4-year-old was not well in the middle of the night.

"He just seemed kind of weird," Smith recalled. "He wasn't really coherent -- deliriously tired."

Although the 10-month-old pit bull rescue had only been in her home for a few days, TaterTot quickly sensed something was wrong and began licking and jumping on the boy when he wouldn't wake up.

"He kept on whining and barking and running between the two of us," she told FOX 9 News. "I checked on him, and he was barely breathing."

After rushing her son to the emergency room, doctors ran a battery of tests to discover the boy's blood sugar was dangerously low.

"If his blood sugar was that low, he may have been producing ketones," explained Isis Sanchez, of Blue Pearl Veterinary Clinic. "That may have been what the dog picked up on."

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished - Man Saves Turtle, Gets Bit By Snake

Or maybe it was the dreaded snurtle!

"For doing a good deed, a Hollywood man almost lost his life Tuesday – to a highly venomous eastern diamondback rattlesnake.

The 24-year-old man, whose name was not immediately released, and a friend were driving on Interstate 75 in west Broward County when they saw a turtle crossing the highway.
At a point west of the interchange, where I-75 meets Interstate 595, they pulled over. The man got out, grabbed the turtle and carried it to a grassy area on the side of the highway.

 "When he reached down to put the turtle in the grass, that's when the snake bit him," said Capt. Jeff Fobb, of the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Venom Response Team."

Read it all HERE

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Flying Pig Flew The Coop

"Oink,  Oink,  And Away!"

The search continues for the missing wooden oinker that was anchored above Flying Pig BBQ in Auburn. However, according to manager George Miller, there has been at least one sighting and a few rumors surrounding the Aug. 2 disappearance of the caped hog known as Super Porky....

Husband Stages Violent Kidnapping To Get Away From His Wife

A Texas man staged his own kidnapping so he could get away from his wife and party with his friends. Last Tuesday afternoon Rogelio Andaverde, 34, of Edinburg, concocted the plan with his drinking buddies. At 10:30pm that night, Andaverde and his wife Maria Hernandez were at home when two masked gunmen (the drinking buddies) barged in and escorted Andaverde from his house while his wife freaked out and called the cops.

A manhunt ensued involving a dozen sheriff's deputies and a helicopter. But Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Treviño was suspicious. Andaverde had no prior record and there were no ransom demands.

"I looked at the guys and said, 'Do you really believe this?'" the sheriff told The (McAllen) Monitor. "He's just a regular Joe, no criminal history — anything. It's just not right."

Last Thursday morning Andaverde returned home unharmed and told his wife his abductors had released them out of the kindness of their own hearts. He was taken into custody where he confessed to deputies that he had made the story up so he could party with his friends. He was charged with making a false police report, a class B misdemeanor. Bond was set at $5,000.

Bloody Vagina Shirts For Sale At American Apparel

Make a bold and bloody statement for only $32.00!

A shirt depicting a mensturating,  masturbating,  hairy woman is creating a bloody disturbance:

"American Apparel is selling online a graphic T-shirt they’re calling “Period Power,” designed by Toronto artist Petra Collins, “who creates portraits exploring female sexuality and teen girl culture.”
On the white cotton tee is a picture of a woman masturbating while menstruating.

“It was a play on souvenir tees that are derogatory to the female body,” Collins, 20, said Monday in a telephone interview from New York City. “I put these three very taboo topics on female sexuality on this — pubic hair, female masturbation and menstruation — and put them on display for the public.”

 "In our society, nude or sexually suggestive images of women are automatically seen as negative and objectifying and is often seen through a male perspective rather than from a female's. We need to make room for the female view of sex and accept it. Until then, people are going to be uncomfortable with photos like mine."

Glad to know it serves a noble purpose.  Read more HERE

Monday, October 7, 2013

Pig That Got Drunk, Fought Cow And Passed Out Dies In A Car Accident

They started calling him Swino after his drinking binge brought him viral fame.  Read the original story here at:

RIP Swino The Pig

"A boozy feral pig that shot to international fame after drinking 18 cans of beer, starting a fight with a cow and causing chaos at an Australian campsite has died in a car accident.

Local authorities confirmed ‘Swino’ had recently been hit by a passing vehicle in a remote stretch of the northern Pilbara region, adding that he had been identified by distinctive marking on the back of his ears. It is not known if Swino had been drinking prior to the accident."

Read the whole story HERE

Husband Divorces Wife For Kissing A Horse

"A jealous Saudi man divorced his wife after discovering she had kissed a horse when he saw her picture with the animal on social networks.

The unnamed woman said she had published her own photograph while kissing the horse in the Gulf Kingdom, adding that she does not regret what she has done.

“After he saw the picture showing his wife kissing a horse at a farm near Riyadh, the man divorced her,” Sada newspaper said.

“The wife said she is not sorry for what she did and was not upset by splitting from a man who cannot distinguish between humans and animals.

She said she is very proud about that picture as it expresses her love for Arabian horses.”


Saturday, October 5, 2013

Woman Drinks Urine Every Day To Stay Young And Healthy

A glass of urine a day helps keep the doctor away.
Have you drunk your urine today?

"While certainly not for the faint-hearted, Sylvia also uses her urine to wash her hair and moisturise her face.

Sylvia told Closer: 'Drinking my own urine has kept me healthy and energised. And it helps me stay young- men are often surprised when I tell them my age.

‘I have a glass of urine in the morning and another couple during the day. It tastes delicious - it's a bit like water, but sweeter.

'I haven’t been to the doctor in a decade. I never get colds and I've maintained my size 10 figure.’

 The mother-of-two is an advocate of urine therapy for everything from keeping youthful to healing wounds, and keeps a bottle of old urine in the kitchen in case she burns herself, as aged urine has stronger healing properties."

Read a lot more HERE if urine to it.

The Caturday Report! Cat Sits On Hedgehog. Finds Out It's Not A Good Idea

It quickly turns in to a prickly situation:

Friday, October 4, 2013

Human Poop Coffee Skyrocketing In Popularity

The best part of waking up is feces in your cup!

"The human poop coffee was musky and fruit-forward. As it cooled, it yielded a distinct nuttiness that teetered perilously on the brink of being unbalanced. Like all kopi luwak, Randy’s suffered from inarticulate roasting, and compared to the normal-non-shit process, Randy’s blend was a lot less appealing."  (

"What would you pay for human-pooped coffee?
For $30 a pound a roaster in Oregon is offering to pass coffee beans through their digestive system creating what could only be described as a truly dark blend.
Inspired by the animal-passed brew called kopi luwak, which can sell for as much as $600 a pound due to a boost in flavour, the seller in Portland is offering to copy the same process."

Read more,  plus video:
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Gigantic Metal Puffer Fish Causes Controversy

A giant copper puffer fish being built in China has caused a major row over state spending. The government has reportedly spent $11 million so far on the viewing platform which has not yet been finished. The structure is roughly the same height as New York's Statue of Liberty and the design is inspired by the globefish, which is a fish native to Yangzhong county, where it is based. The tower is encased in 8,920 copper plates and has attracted plenty of attention but not all of it positive. Report by Ashley Fudge:

"I have seen the face of God!"

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Gorrillas Escape And Raid Kitchen, Again

They really wanted some chocolate chimp cookies I bet. :)

"The gorillas at Calgary Zoo are in the news again after escaping from their enclosure and making a break for the keeper kitchen next door.

It marks the second time this year that the zoo's western lowland gorillas have made a break for the kitchen, after a similar escape in March when they reportedly went ape in search of the fruits, grains and treats stored in the facility."

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Man Tries To Escape Police In A Paddle Boat

"They call me Pond.  James Pond."

"Michigan Department of Corrections and Waterford Township Police officers were trying to arrest Mark Rood on a felony fugitive warrant for absconding from probation, according to a release issued today by the Waterford Township Police.

They spotted Rood and his father, Mark Rood Sr., 52, standing in the driveway of a home in the 3800 block of Athens at 10:07 a.m. Friday, near West Walton and Sashabaw Road.
But when officers tried to arrest the younger Rood, his father blocked them while Rood took off toward Lake Oakland.

Officers chased him to the lake, where he jumped into a neighbor’s paddle boat and headed out toward open water. But the paddle boat capsized, dumping Rood into the lake."