Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Virginal Blood Balls Sold To Prostitutes So They Can Charge Higher Fees

I couldn't find a photo of a blood ball.  Thankfully.

"Several clinics in Taipei, both registered and unregistered, are found illegally producing fake virginal blood balls and selling them to prostitutes. Doctors at these clinics often soak a cotton ball with blood and preserve them in the freezer.

Prostitutes spend NT $300 to $800 dollars to buy a virginal blood ball. They stuff these balls in their vaginas and deceive customers into spending a much higher price for their fake virginity.

Two of the doctors suggest that preserving blood balls in the freezer makes it easier for women to stuff them into their vaginas. They even offer service to help women take the blood balls out if they fail in self attempt. The doctors emphasize that their blood balls are all safe and sanitized."

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