Friday, October 4, 2013

Human Poop Coffee Skyrocketing In Popularity

The best part of waking up is feces in your cup!

"The human poop coffee was musky and fruit-forward. As it cooled, it yielded a distinct nuttiness that teetered perilously on the brink of being unbalanced. Like all kopi luwak, Randy’s suffered from inarticulate roasting, and compared to the normal-non-shit process, Randy’s blend was a lot less appealing."  (

"What would you pay for human-pooped coffee?
For $30 a pound a roaster in Oregon is offering to pass coffee beans through their digestive system creating what could only be described as a truly dark blend.
Inspired by the animal-passed brew called kopi luwak, which can sell for as much as $600 a pound due to a boost in flavour, the seller in Portland is offering to copy the same process."

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