Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Dog Just Rescued From Death Saves Little Boy From Death

When watching Peyton Anderson play with his dog, it's clear the two have a special bond -- but Smith didn't know how special that bond was until last week when the pooch alerted her that the 4-year-old was not well in the middle of the night.

"He just seemed kind of weird," Smith recalled. "He wasn't really coherent -- deliriously tired."

Although the 10-month-old pit bull rescue had only been in her home for a few days, TaterTot quickly sensed something was wrong and began licking and jumping on the boy when he wouldn't wake up.

"He kept on whining and barking and running between the two of us," she told FOX 9 News. "I checked on him, and he was barely breathing."

After rushing her son to the emergency room, doctors ran a battery of tests to discover the boy's blood sugar was dangerously low.

"If his blood sugar was that low, he may have been producing ketones," explained Isis Sanchez, of Blue Pearl Veterinary Clinic. "That may have been what the dog picked up on."


Laury Coenen said...

Man's best friend :3

David said...

Such a heartwarming story as well. :)