Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bloody Vagina Shirts For Sale At American Apparel

Make a bold and bloody statement for only $32.00!

A shirt depicting a mensturating,  masturbating,  hairy woman is creating a bloody disturbance:

"American Apparel is selling online a graphic T-shirt they’re calling “Period Power,” designed by Toronto artist Petra Collins, “who creates portraits exploring female sexuality and teen girl culture.”
On the white cotton tee is a picture of a woman masturbating while menstruating.

“It was a play on souvenir tees that are derogatory to the female body,” Collins, 20, said Monday in a telephone interview from New York City. “I put these three very taboo topics on female sexuality on this — pubic hair, female masturbation and menstruation — and put them on display for the public.”

 "In our society, nude or sexually suggestive images of women are automatically seen as negative and objectifying and is often seen through a male perspective rather than from a female's. We need to make room for the female view of sex and accept it. Until then, people are going to be uncomfortable with photos like mine."

Glad to know it serves a noble purpose.  Read more HERE

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