Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Now There Is Wine For Cats! Introducing Nyan Nyan Nouveau Cat Wine

"Today in Japan, bottled wine created especially for cats goes on sale. This is not a joke. Apparently.

Pet supplement company B&H Lifes is rolling out "wine exclusively for cats" that is called "Nyan Nyan Nouveau." In Japanese, "nyan nyan" (ニャンニャン) can refer to a cat's meow as well as people screwing. Here, it refers to cats.

"Nouveau" appears to evoke Beaujolais Nouveau, which is quite popular in Japan.

The drink does contain juice made from Cabernet grapes, Vitamin C as well as catnip for a beverage that supposedly tastes like red wine."

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Laury Coenen said...

My cat drinks?! :O

David said...

Cats drink, do drugs (catnip), and hang out all night sneaking around. You are an enabler! :) :)