Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Husband Stages Violent Kidnapping To Get Away From His Wife

A Texas man staged his own kidnapping so he could get away from his wife and party with his friends. Last Tuesday afternoon Rogelio Andaverde, 34, of Edinburg, concocted the plan with his drinking buddies. At 10:30pm that night, Andaverde and his wife Maria Hernandez were at home when two masked gunmen (the drinking buddies) barged in and escorted Andaverde from his house while his wife freaked out and called the cops.

A manhunt ensued involving a dozen sheriff's deputies and a helicopter. But Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe TreviƱo was suspicious. Andaverde had no prior record and there were no ransom demands.

"I looked at the guys and said, 'Do you really believe this?'" the sheriff told The (McAllen) Monitor. "He's just a regular Joe, no criminal history — anything. It's just not right."

Last Thursday morning Andaverde returned home unharmed and told his wife his abductors had released them out of the kindness of their own hearts. He was taken into custody where he confessed to deputies that he had made the story up so he could party with his friends. He was charged with making a false police report, a class B misdemeanor. Bond was set at $5,000.


B. Spookified said...

Dear god. It's almost like the movie Fargo lol!

David said...

You betcha - see you over in chat. :)