Saturday, January 19, 2013

Follow Up: Bucky Badger Bandit Busted!

As I reported  here,  a guy robs a credit union wearing a Bucky Badger hat: 

I speculated that he was a  UW-Madison alum - and he is!

"An online UW-Madison directory lists Hubatch as a lead custodian at Union South on the UW-Madison campus. University spokesman John Lucas said Hubatch is not a current student but earned a bachelor's in English in 1998 and a law degree in 2004."

He said that he did it because he needed the money because of a $250,000 dollar student loan debt.  He also had this to say:  "If the district attorney agrees to send me to prison for a long time, then I will confess and plead guilty," Hubatch told Madison police Detective Tom Helgren after his arrest on Monday, according to a criminal complaint. "Otherwise, I have nothing else to say, and if released I will do it again."

Hubatch [also] told police he is "slightly autistic" and diabetic and can't afford his prescribed medication.

Read all about it HERE

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