Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Insane Naked Man Home Invader!

The resident of the house heard thunder like noises coming from the roof and went outside to investigate.  It turns out that the sound was from a naked man running around on the roof.  The man jumped from the roof onto the resident,  knocking him down.

The naked intruder then "[ran] inside the house, pulled off a TV from its stand onto the floor and then dumped the contents of a vacuum cleaner onto the floor."

He sucked up the contents of the vacuum cleaner then spit it out and took a shit on the floor!

The resident's wife fired three warning shots at the intruder and he fell to the floor.  Once on the floor he masturbated and pleasured himself,   then he ran into their sons room and rubbed their sons clothes on his face.

Read more HERE and HERE - if you want. lol.

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