Friday, January 18, 2013

"Well folkes im about to get shot. Peace."

Eric Ramsey

One last Facebook status update capped a bizarre night of terror in central Michigan during which police say a prison parolee abducted a college student at gunpoint, raped her, set fire to a house, stole a flatbed truck and rammed three police cars.

Police said the suspect told the victim he was going to kill her, and that's when she managed to escape from the moving vehicle and ran to a nearby house for help. A resident at the S. Mission Road home let her in and immediately locked the door. The suspect went to that home and set the house with gasoline. The home owner was able to extinguish the fire after a short time.

The suspect fled the scene in the victim's SUV and several hours later, Mt. Pleasant authorities were notified by Gaylord 911 that the suspect vehicle had just rammed an MSP cruiser.  A chase began, during which several police cars were damaged. Police said when one cruiser was rammed, a Michigan State Police trooper shot and killed the suspect.

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Gabriel said...

I bet that number of friends has gone down a notch. Wonder if he put it on twitter too. Isn't social networking grand? haha

David said...

Yeah! It was probably a tweet and tied into his FB account. I just went to his FB page though and the update has been deleted. Also there are no friends giving condolences, strange.