Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Taiwan Confiscates 435 Dog Penises

A total of 435 penises were discovered in a fridge along with the other body parts, while 12 fresh dog corpses were also found in the raid at the slaughterhouse in western Yunlin county on Tuesday, the Animal Disease Control Centre said.

It was not immediately clear why the owner of the abattoir kept the body parts, a spokeswoman said. But local media suggested the man could have used the penises as an ingredient in herbal wine due to the belief they could help boost male potency.

Two live dogs were rescued during the raid and officials also discovered a number of collars, indicating some of the dead animals could have previously been pets, the spokeswoman said.

The owner of the facility, who is suspected of selling dog meat as food, has a previous record of killing animals, she said.

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Gabriel said...

Don't they have viagra? I can understand eating certain animals, even if it doesn't always agree with my western mentality, but following superstitions is just ignorant.

Kat said...

For the chinese people every penis is good for the libido XDDDDDDD

David said...

Kat is right, lol! I think they chop off every animal penis out there. They even have ground up baby pills for youthfulness!

Superstitions are killing off the Rhino also, their horns are so highly prized. Someone needs to start a superstition in these countries that putting arsenic in their butts will make them rich.