Saturday, January 12, 2013

5 Year Old Gets Drunk On Hand Sanitizer

Recently, Leanne Arndt’s five-year-old daughter reported being dizzy at school. The child was then rushed to Mott Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor. Doctors say the little girl’s ethanol levels were through the roof.  Once her daughter woke up, Leanne asked her what happened. Turns out, the child tasted several different kinds of hand sanitizer, adding that strawberry chocolate was her favorite.
“They were telling me that a one ounce ingestion of it can intoxicate an adult, and it’s about a 140 proof ethanol liquor,” Arndt said.  “That’s exactly what they compared it to is moonshine.”
Leanne says that doctors told her that her daughter just escaped death, adding that if emergency crews didn’t hook her up to IVs when they did, she would have been planning a funeral.


Gabriel said...

A friend of mine, who went to Lithuania for a semester, told me the pharmacy he went to wouldn't sell him rubbing alcohol because he needed a prescription. Apparently, folks there use it to get drunk. Now, I'm wondering if the have the same legislation for hand sanitizer. lol

David said...

Drinking rubbing alcohol is some hard core shit! Wrong flavor of alcohol, tis methanol. Hand sanitizer has gotten slightly popular with teens and alcies in the states, at least it contains ethanol though. I would love to visit Lithuania BTW.