Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dirt. It's What's For Dinner

A restaurant in Tokyo is offering up a four course meal for $110 dollars with dirt being a chief ingredient.

"According to Japanese news site Rocketnews24, the dirt is a special black soil from Kanuma, Tochigi Prefecture and has been reportedly tested for safety.

So how does a chef start using dirt as a main ingredient in food?  After all, it’s the very thing that cooks spend time making sure doesn’t wind up in the meal. Apparently, Ne Quittez Pas’ Chef Toshio Tanabe once won a high profile cooking contest with his dirt sauce, and from there a full dirt-infused menu was born."

" The first course is a potato starch and dirt soup served in a shot glass rimmed with salt and topped with black truffle. The reporter, who got a chance to taste the dishes, noted that "there wasn’t a dirty flavor at all. Instead, this simple soup went down smoothly with just a hint of potato flavor."


rogoyubari said...

Thanks! This is a misguided attempt to respond to your comment left on my blog because I have no idea on how to send a reply. But I thank you, and I'm glad that someone is reading my stuff. :)

David said...

I found your blog last night looking through recently updated Blogger blogs as I do from time to time. It took me a while to figure out how to comment there - I finally had to change the layout to 'classic' mode.

Turn on your Members link - and join this site as a friend if you want, then I and others can find you. Thousands upon thousands of blogs are literally born every day, you are the proverbial needle in the haystack.

I love your prose, you have a lot of nice and quirky things to say it deserves some readers.