Friday, January 4, 2013

Walmart Madness #62! Officer Hits Officer Pursuing Suspect

<--- The suspect,  Dannie 'Dumpster' Jackson

  "West Buechel Police said they were called to the Walmart at 2020 Bashford Manor Lane sometime before 9:15 p.m. to investigate a shoplifting report when Jackson tried to leave the store with stolen merchandise valued at $63.44. When police and store security confronted Jackson, he fought with Tillman and ran, according to his arrest report.
Police said Jackson ran through the parking lot and traffic as Tillman ran after him and another officer pursued him in a police car.
When Jackson ran out from between some cars, the police officer driving his vehicle had to swerve to avoid hitting Jackson, who jumped over the hood of the police car. As the police car swerved, it struck Tillman, according to Jackson’s arrest report.
As Tillman lay injured on the ground, Jackson continued running to the back of the Walmart, where he hid in a dumpster. He fought Louisville Metro Police officers as they pulled him out of the dumpster, but was eventually taken into custody, according to his arrest report."

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