Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Walmart Madness #68! Another Walmart Meth Maker

As Strange Days Indeed News has reported in the past,  Walmart and Meth seem to go hand in hand:

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And this is my second or third Walmart Madness Post,  it doesn't even have a number on it yet:

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Now for the current story:

<---You need to lay off that shit dude!

"James Richardson, 37, of Perry, Ohio finds himself arrested for allegedly attempting to manufacture crystal methamphetamine with stolen products while inside a Walmart!

Walmart's security personal silently watched Richardson on the early evening of June 17th gathering the typical ingredients needed to create the dangerous drug. Fox8 says Police Lt. Ken Zbiegien confirms that Richardson then took his items and began mixing them together in a salt shaker. He was doing this to create methamphetamine in a process that is commonly known as "one pot" or "shake and bake." This is the preferred method among many crystal users, and the details of how to do so can be found online with relative ease."

He was then arrested trying to flee the Walmart with the mixing mixture in hand and was charged with theft plus meth manufacture,  his sixth drug arrest.

Read more about it HERE

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