Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Walmart Madness #66! Woman In Diabetic Shock Robbed

76-year-old Queen Walters says she had a bad reaction to some medication which caused her to konk out in her wheelchair cart. Her purse was in the basket up front and while she was out cold someone walked up... and snatched it.

"I had just went and got $300 out to pay my bills," Walters tells. The whole thing was caught on camera... they even got a good shot of the guy walking out of the store! Police say they have some leads, but no arrest yet. What does Walters think of the guy who took advantage of her situation? "He's less than a man."


Gabriel said...

He could've at least called one of the emplyee's attention to her. what a world.

David said...

What a Wally-world indeed. I don't even have to look for any Walmart posts, they just keep coming. Sad really.

Joanne Casey said...

Of course he's black, why did he have to be black!!!

David said...

LOL! I never thought of the demographics of Walmart crime really. For fun I did a quick breakdown of the demographics of the 66 Walmart posts I have so far:

white: 21
black: 18
Hispanic/other: 5
unknown: 15
non crime/other story: 6

There are a lot of unknowns unfortunately. There seems to be a lot of articles that just say 'suspects' and will not give a description of the person, sometimes just describing the clothing worn. Curious.

Joanne Casey said...

ha ha I was just making a stereotype joke...what about Asians, surely they make up the other 15% being ninjas an all.

Joanne Casey said...

sorry not %, just 15 :)

David said...

I tried to do a demographic breakdown of ninjas, but this came our fruitless as well. It turns out no true ninja has ever appeared in a photograph. ;)