Friday, February 21, 2014

Man Beaten Upside The Head With Icicle And Robbed

+2 damage for the surprise attack

"A man in Windsor was left beaten and bloody after a robber hit him in the head with an icicle.

Birdsill said the man claimed he was trying to get in contact with his cousin who went to the high school down the road.

The man came back 10 minutes later, knocked again, but this time, punched Birdsill in the face repeatedly when the door opened.

Another man then smashed an icicle over Birdsill's head.

State Police said the two men also held a knife to Birdsill's throat demanding drugs and money.

"There are a lot of daytime burglaries," said Fred Goodall, senior investigator for New York State Police. "Especially with the increased value in gold and silver and people are breaking into homes for what change they can find and what jewelry they can find."

The two men got away with about $80 in cash and prescription pain medicine."


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