Monday, February 24, 2014

New Condom Creates Electric Shock For Penis Pleasure

The Shocking Invention

"Created by Andrew Quitmeyer, the Electric Eel is an open source digital condom that performs the action of its namesake ocean dweller and delivers mild electric stimulation to the wearer’s penis. The final product promises to be less terrifying than the above image of a condom hooked up to a battery. The current prototype is built with a conductive fabric and Lilypad microcontroller. It sends a small shock through the bottom of the condom in order to provide stimulation to the underside of the penis. The amount of electric stimulation sent to your penis is obviously small — just enough to provide stimulation rather than electrocute you through a very sensitive part of your body.

The members of the development team have personally tested the Electric Eel themselves, those heroes."

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