Sunday, December 8, 2013

Facebook May Add A "Sympathize" button

Personally I think it's a good idea.  It's would seem awkward pressing "Like" when someone has bad news,  of course you don't want to disturb them with what you would feel to be an vapid or intrusive comment,  but want to acknowledge that you hear them and understand.

"Perhaps what we need, what Facebook needs, what the world needs, is a Sympathize button. And, according to an engineer at the company, it’s something that the company has explored in the past.

Speaking yesterday at the company’s annual Compassion Research Day, Facebook engineer Dan Muriello said that another engineer for the company had whipped up the button at a previous compassion-themed hackathon. The announcement was first reported by Bianca Bosker at the Huffington Post.

It makes sense the company might consider a new button because Facebook users ask "Like" to do a lot. And, sometimes, that can be a problem. Since “like” is the only way to recognize you saw something on Facebook without writing or sharing something,"

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