Sunday, December 15, 2013

Rooster Testicals Siezed At Border

"The testicles, which were intended to be eaten, were confiscated and destroyed when the man declared them to officials coming through Auckland International Airport last month.

The man had them in a chilly bin along with fish and other food which he was bringing back for his family, a Ministry for Primary Industries spokesman says.

The testicles - which bear a resemblance to baked beans - were destroyed because of the risk of disease.

According to the Revoltingfood blog, rooster testicles are known as chicken beans in the US.
They have an appearance and texture similar to tofu and "connoisseurs like them barely cooked so there's still some liquid inside so that you feel the liquid squirt into your mouth when you bite down on it."



Dr. Theda said...

Currently "fasting" for Blood-work....With nearly no food benefits (Thanks to Obama-care....)...
reading this makes me not that "hungry"... The things that people do... we really enjoy your take on the News of the World... Keep up the Great work my Friend...

David said...

Glad I could help again, lol. It's starting to get difficult to avoid the hard news though. Things are really getting screwed up beyond hope and the government is doing everything to accelerate this in my opinion. I have my Facebook for the harder stories though I guess.