Friday, January 17, 2014

Arsonist Fails Multiple Times With Molotov Cocktail - All Caught On Tape

Maybe he was using a plastic bottle?  I dunno...

"The CCTV camera footage dated January 9 shows the hooded man, who looks to be in his 20s, approaching the front of the building located on the 2600 block on North Frankford Avenue. He gets out a molotov cocktail, lights the wick, chucks it in the direction of the second floor of the three-story building, then runs off. The bottle bounces off the building, putting out the light.

The incompetent arsonist tries again and again and again, failing on every attempt.

There are at least two versions of the video circulating: one which seems to show the incident from the very beginning before cutting out, and the other starting mid-way and ending with the man walking away after what appears to be a final attempt. Between the two of them, a car can clearly be seen passing the man. He walks along discreetly to avoid suspicion, only to return to the site moments later for another fling:"

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