Monday, January 20, 2014

"Vomit Fee" Proposed For Toronto Cabs - Mayor Rob Ford Inconsolable

"I puke where I want!"

"The recommended $25 fee on top of the metered fare is based on the average taxicab fare, seeking to ensure "all passengers are treated equally," the report said.

"A regulated cleaning fee will help offset time lost and cost to clean the taxicab, and ensure consumer protection against unregulated and exorbitant fees," it said.

This cleaning fee must be listed on the tariff card displayed in all taxicabs "and must be appropriately reflected on the receipt in the 'total fare charged,'" the report said.

The proposed fee brought a swift response on Twitter.

"Following #RobFord controversy Toronto tries to improve image with proposed vomit fee for taxis," Mark O'Henly of Fort McMurray, Alberta, wrote, referring to the Toronto mayor who became embroiled in a substance-abuse scandal."

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