Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Men Charged With Stealing Food From A Trash Dumpster

"Three men are due to stand trial next month after they were allegedly caught stealing food from dustbins behind an Iceland store.

The Crown Prosecution Service claimed there was a “significant public interest” in prosecuting Paul May, Jason Chan and William James for taking the discarded food, The Guardian reported.
Mr May, 35, a freelance web designer, is expected to argue that he has not done anything illegal by claiming mushrooms, tomatoes, cheese and Mr Kipling cakes which had been thrown away and would have ended up as landfill.
He will tell the hearing on February 3 the food had been disposed of and he needed it to feed himself.
The trio were arrested in October when a passer-by alerted police after seeing the men scaling a wall at the back of the supermarket in Kentish Town, north London."

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