Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Gamer Sends SWAT Team Over To Rivals House For Beating Him In Call Of Duty

He told the police that the guy that beat him had killed his Mother and Father:

(Seen near the SWAT team)

"The perpetrator placed his emergency call using the Internet and could be anywhere across the globe. Investigators are trying to track down the call’s origin.

About 3 p.m., the caller said his foe had killed his brother and mother, but cops arriving at the Long Beach address found his 17-year-old video game opponent playing “Call of Duty” in his own home, CBS 2 reported.

The hoax – involving more than 70 emergency responders – appears to have been an instance of a careless “game” called Swatting.

“In this … bizarre world of Swatting, you get points for the helicopter, for the police cars, for the SWAT team, for the type of entry,” Long Beach police commissioner Michael Tagney told the local station. “It’s very sophisticated. Unfortunately, it’s very dangerous.”

Read more, plus video:

More on Swatting from Wikipedia:

"Swatting is the tricking of any emergency service (via such as a 9-1-1 dispatcher) into dispatching an emergency response based on the false report of an on-going critical incident. Episodes range from large to small, from the deployment of bomb squads, SWAT units and other police units and the concurrent evacuations of schools and businesses to a single fabricated police report meant to discredit an individual as a prank or personal vendetta. While it is a misdemeanor or a felony in every state in and of itself to report any untruth to law enforcement, swatting can cause massive disruption to the civil order and the public peace by the hoaxed deployment of police and other civic resources such as ambulances and fire departments. The term derives from SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics), a highly specialized type of police unit."

Keep an eye out,  these guys could be in your driveway as we speak!:


Dr. Theda said...

Cool post ... my Friend is "heavily" into this game ( And in the Top 3 Players of the entire world....
He will enjoy hearing this one... Thanks...

David said...

Cool. I had never heard of Swatting before, pretty screwed up game! These idiots could easily end up getting someone/s killed. Freaking numbskulls.