Sunday, August 3, 2014

Old MacDonald Had A Geep. Geep-I-Geep-I-Yo!

(Sheep And Goat = Geep!)

"This wasn't planned," said Priscilla Motola, owner of My Petting Zoo of Scottsdale, Arizona."It just kind of happened."

Motola didn't even know Momma, her sheep, was pregnant from a rendezvous with Michael, a goat. This case is so rare that no one is really sure what to call Butterfly except a geep.

A ham for photos with visitors and local news organizations, she is the only reported breed of her kind in the nation.

This cutie has the features of a goat, but the woolen coat of a lamb,  AZ Central reported."

See more photos of Butterfly the geep HERE

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