Thursday, August 21, 2014

Walmart Madness #149! Man Make an iShoe, Gets Busted Taking Upskirt Photos

"A Florida man cut a small hole in the front of his shoe, inserted an iPod, and then went to Walmart and recorded "upskirt" videos, according to police who arrested the pervy auteur.

According to an arrest report, cops were dispatched to a Walmart in Sanford Tuesday evening due to “a man with a camera on his shoe taking pictures of females.”

When officers arrived at the store, customer Lillie Kent told them that she was shopping in the toilet paper aisle when she noticed a man “standing relatively close behind her.” Kent added that the man “appeared to be attempting to sneak up behind her.”
After the man briefly walked away from Kent, he returned to following her and shadowed the woman all the way to the checkout line, cops reported. Kent told police that she had initially “observed a hole in the top of one of the man’s shoes but didn’t think anything of it at the time.”

However, at the checkout line, Kent confronted the man, who was carrying no merchandise to be purchased. She demanded to see his shoes. He refused and walked away. “Kent advised she began yelling,” police reported.

After being confronted by “an unknown man” who asked the male suspect for the camera, the alleged voyeur removed the iPod from his shoe.

The cameraman, Paul Senzee, was detained by Walmart security."

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