Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Robot Hitchhikes 6,000 Kilometers, All The Way Across Canada!

"Moreover, the very fact that hitchBOT survived the trip at all is a success, and is definitely a relief for the little trooper’s human family. Replacement hitchBOTs had been prepared in case the original was unlucky enough to be stolen, wrecked, or harvested for parts.

Yet the robot never came across trouble, which is extra satisfying considering that hitchBOT was supposed to prove that robots can trust humans. The fact that the robot’s trusting nature was so consistently rewarded is about as uplifting as autonomous robot news can get.

But while hitchBOT has safely traversed the great Canadian expanse, its traveling days are not over. According to the robot’s Facebook page, it will be "taking a quick jaunt to Seattle" this week, before mingling with its fans at the Open Space artist centre in Victoria this Thursday, August 21."

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Watch a Video about HitchBOT:

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