Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cat Thrown At Wife Goes Out Window, Hits And Critically Injures Old Lady

A cat hurled from a high window in Buenos Aires, Argentina, seriously hurt a woman, 85, when it hit her on the head.

The pet cat was thrown out of the fourth floor window of an apartment block in the Argentinian capital Buenos Aires as a married couple had a blazing row.

During their quarrel the husband picked up the family pet and threw it at his wife, who ducked.

The cat then flew out of an open window, landing on the elderly woman’s head as she crossed the street below.

The victim, a former opera singer named as Betty, also happens to be the couple’s neighbour.

She is described as being in a critical condition in hospital after suffering a fractured skull.

The cat didn’t survive the fall.



Dr. Theda said...

This is the Best Laugh that I have had today.....(Sorry about the Cat....) But this "chain of events" is like one of the deaths from the show "Dead Like Me"...

David said...

^ That's one of those shows I wasn't interested in at the time it was out, but now I want so much to see them all. I'll be running to the library to do torrents for it soon methinks.