Sunday, January 22, 2012

Town Manager Passes Out Drunk On Car, Caught With Pants Down

<--- On the bright side, at least he had the sense to get out of the car.

Pictures show Lancaster Town Administrator Orlando Pacheco passed out on the hood of his car back in August after he had too much to drink.

To make matters worse, police say Pacheco drove drunk from a strip club in Worcester all the way to a Mobil station on Route 9 in Westborough until he couldn't drive anymore.

"When I arrived on scene he was unconscious on the hood of his car, his pants were around his ankles," says Westborough Police officer Steve Reale. He had also vomited on himself.

According to a police report, once police were able to wake Pacheco up and get him off the hood of his car he said, "I'm the town manager in Lancaster." After he failed three sobriety tests he said, "I'm having a really bad night."

"I'm actually surprised and shocked he made it to where he was without an accident," said officer Reale.

The 33-year-old town administrator refused a breathalyzer and was arrested. Under Melanie's Law he should have lost his license for 180 days, but he's been granted a hardship license which allows him to drive.

At Lancaster Town Hall no one is talking.

Pacheco's still working as the leader of the community, but long-time residents think that should change.

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