Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cop Dressed As Banana Chases Down Thief

<--- I'm gonna get ya sucker!

A suspected thief in Somerset probably couldn't believe their eyes when they fled from a supermarket as the alarm sounded… because they were being chased by a giant banana.

More specifically the 22-year-old was being pursued by an off duty special constable dressed in a 6ft banana costume.

Luke Summerhayes had been working as a Tesco cashier when he heard the alarm sound and (ignoring the fact he was wearing the yellow costume for a fancy dress day) jumped into action.

He chased the man into the car park where he managed to tackle him before taking him back into the store and waiting for police to arrive.

The suspected crook - who is due to appear at South Somerset magistrates court-- is probably still wondering what happened.


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