Saturday, January 7, 2012

"Just cooking Andy’s cat."

‘Fried cat – £1.20’ were the words scrawled on the wall where a man killed a cat by cooking it in a microwave, a court has heard.

Paul Owen Henry, from Lea Place, was found guilty of killing the animal when he appeared before Lincoln Magistrates Court.

Cat-owner Andrew Parsons said he felt ‘sick and distraught’ when he arrived home to his Heapham Crescent address to find his 18-month-old black and white cat Suzie dead in the microwave on 26th July 2011.

“I found my cat’s remains in the microwave,” he told the court. “I couldn’t believe it.”

But Mathers, also from Gainsborough, was cleared of any involvement after Judge Stobart said there was no evidence to place him at the scene when the cat was cooked.

Mr Parsons said after finding Suzie he rang the police and quickly got a phonecall from Henry. 'He just said it was Mathers who did your cat.'

Mathers admitted stealing a razor from Mr Parson's flat and injecting the Class A drug liquid amphetamines with Henry, but insisted he was not present when the cat was cooked.

Passing sentence Judge Stobart told Henry the cat was killed in 'the most brutal and sadistic way' and added, 'I can't think of a worse case of animal cruelty.

'When Andrews Parsons eventually returned home he was to find his TV broken, his light fitting destroyed and the cat dead in the microwave after suffering the most appalling death.'


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