Sunday, January 22, 2012

Woman Refuses to Leave Toilet For 2.5 Years

She sat down on the toilet bowl in her master bedroom bathroom on March 25, 2009.

For the next 902 days, the small, white-tiled room became Madam Leong Mee Yan's home.

She ate her meals there and slept there. And no amount of cajoling from her husband would make her leave the toilet bowl.

Madam Leong, now 58, claimed that she felt a strong force holding her down every time she tried to get up.

She also imagined stones being hurled and water sprayed at her by people she could not see, preventing her from leaving the bathroom.

Said Madam Leong, who was naked throughout the 902 days, in Mandarin: "I didn't understand what was happening, I only felt all the sensations which prevented me from standing or leaving the bathroom."

During her two-and-a-half year stay in the bathroom, Madam Leong showered a total of 18 times, said her husband, Mr Ong Kian Ann.

Those were the only occasions that she would move from the toilet bowl.

Mr Ong, 64, said: "I had to take a stool into the bathroom for her. Then I would slowly help her shift from the toilet bowl to the stool, and she would bathe herself with the shower head."

Aside from her husband, Madam Leong, a Malaysian who's a permanent resident here, did not see anyone during those years, including her only child, Mr Ong Jiing Yih, 27.

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