Friday, February 22, 2013

Furby Assault!

<--- The Furby Fury!

"Ashley L. Trimmer, 27, of 416 Fifth Ave. got into an argument with her boyfriend of eight months, William Ley, no age given, about 1 a.m. Wednesday at their home.

Police said Trimmer picked up a Furby, an electronic robotic toy that looks like a cross between a hamster and an owl, and hurled it at Ley’s head while he was sitting on the couch. Ley suffered injury to the right side of his face, police said.

Ley told police Trimmer then picked up a Sony PlayStation handheld remote control and hit him on the left side of his face. When officers arrived, they found Ley outside bleeding from his face with a red mark and swollen bump on his head."



Dr. Theda said...

"interesting' choice of "weapons"

David said...


Gabriel said...

hehehe! a world domination plot seems to be on its way.

David said...

Viva La Furbalution!

Kat said...

Sometimes nerdy hobbies can get too dangerous XDDDD