Tuesday, February 5, 2013

German Cookie Monster Returns Golden Cookie

The large golden cookie turned up on a horse monument in front of Hannover University in northern Germany.  :)   As reported last week,  the cookie kidnapper had demanded that cookies be sent to a local children's hospital for the golden cookies safe return.  Now the cookienapper had this to say:

"Because Werni loves the biscuit as much as I do and now always cries and misses the biscuit so badly, I'm giving it back to him," the kidnapper wrote.

"Werni" is a nickname for the German name Werner, a reference to Werner Bahlsen's public appeals for the safe return of his company emblem.

And it seems the culprit deliberately chose the Leipniz University location for the return of its golden hostage as a nod to Bahlsen's popular "Leipniz Cookie".

Werner Bahlsen said in a statement Tuesday that he would keep his promise of donating 52,000 packages of cookies — if the golden cookie turns out to be the real thing."

Read more about it HERE


Gabriel said...

This is a pretty great story. The spirit of Robin Hood lives on, lol

David said...

I hope the kids do get the cookies though.

Kat said...

Yeahhhhhh David you posted it! How cool is that? I laughed so hard about this! It is the coolest crime ever!!!! XDDDD

( remember my comment on the Oompa-Loompa-thieves case? That something like this can only happen in the US? I think we are even now, lol)

David said...

Better than even, the Oompa-Loompa case was in the UK. :) The evil Smurf attacks were in the states though. ;)