Thursday, February 14, 2013

Man Steals Doughnut Truck, Police Outraged!

<---  The police were not amused

James Major (photo at left) allegedly stole a Krispy Kreme truck from a gas station last week, taking off with massive amounts of Krispy Kreme yummy dougnuts,  then leading police on a frantic chase for the doughnuts across the county.

"The vehicle then sped up on the interstate and failed to yield to our visual and audibles signals to pull over," one responding officer wrote. "The suspect vehicle then exited the interstate on the Beaver Ruin Road exit and made a left turn, while running the red light on the top of the exit."

Major reportedly ran a few more red lights and forced at least one vehicle off the road, going as fast as 70 mph before fleeing onto Burns Road. Driving erratically and leaving the roadway several times, the Krispy Kreme truck eventually made it to Ferrite Loop, a dead-end cul-de-sac near Cruse Road in Lawrenceville.

Major hit a mailbox before trying to flee on foot."

They said that Major was apprehended by dog bite.

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Gabriel said...

Of all the things you can steel, don't ever steel a truck of doughnuts. The guy is done. The cops are going to have a field day interrogating the crap out of him. "Those doughnuts were for the boys at Precinct 13. You're gonna pay for making them go hungry." Poor guy.

David said...

I really really really want to see dash cam footage of this set to Benny Hill chase music. :)