Thursday, February 14, 2013

Walmart Madness #71! Man Takes Workers Hostage With Fire Extinguisher

A man who was arrested Sunday at a Glendale Walmart is accused of trying to take about a dozen employees hostage while brandishing a fire extinguisher, according to police documents.
Police believe the incident began when a man they have identified as Ryan Herman, 23, of Glendale attempted to pocket a pack of cigarettes from a Walmart located near North 59th Avenue and West Bell Road, according to the documents. When a store employee confronted him, he left the store with the cigarettes - only to return to throw his keys at an employee.
Witnesses told police Herman grabbed a bottle of alcohol off the shelf and lobbed it through a window, breaking both the window and the bottle, according to the reports.
Store employees told police Herman ordered them to sit on the floor of the break room and lock the door. When they told him it couldn't lock, he shut the door and began to pace, according to the reports.
Police arrived and observed Herman holding the fire extinguisher. After an officer asked him to put the extinguisher down, Herman is accused of raising it in a "threatening manner," according to police documents.
The officer deployed his Taser on Herman and took him into custody.



Gabriel said...

With Obama's new policies towards gun control, muggers have to get creative or idiotic.

David said...

Of course the calls to ban all fire extinguishers have been roaming through the intertubes.

Sonia Gignac said...

I hope you had a great Valentine's Day ! Thanks for visiting my site :)



David said...

Thanks Sonia! *blushes*