Monday, February 4, 2013

Remember The Guy That Tattooed Stars All Over A Teen Girls Face?

<--- Here is Kim,  she attempted to sue Rouslan but was forced to drop her suit after admitting she had in fact asked for all 56 stars to be inked in - but had lied about falling asleep as her dad was furious with her.


"A ROGUE tattooist who inked 56 stars on a teen girl's face has caused a write fuss again - after signing his name in giant letters across his girlfriend's face less than 24 hours after they met.

Controversial Rouslan Toumaniantz became notorious when he inscribed a galaxy of stars over the face of Kimberley Vlaeminck, then just 18, in his studio in Coutrai, Belgium.
Now Toumaniantz has struck again by tattooing his Christian name in lettering five inches high across another girl's face."


Gabriel said...

This latest 'victim' looks happier than the previous one. :) I remember that first story and all the fuss it caused. It seemed like years ago, now.

Kat said...

Don´t know... I love tattoos and all but I´m not a friend of tats on the face ( except original polynesian Moko). Especially in such a giant size!

David said...

*Looks into crystal ball* I foresee a lot of regret in her future.

I lied. I didn't really need a crystal ball. :)

Sonia Gignac said...

That girl can't be so smart ! LOL

David said...

I bet they already broke up, LOL!!!