Friday, February 22, 2013

Walmart Madness #74! 500lb. Shoplifter Starts Fire For Diversion

"According to Whitehall detectives, a man was riding a motorized shopping cart inside of the Walmart, located at 3657 E. Main St., when he set a clothing rack on fire.

Kevin E. Gillman, 26, is charged in the case after detectives tracked him down.

At nearly 500 pounds, Gillman was on a motorized scooter when he allegedly planned to steal electronics and safes, according to authorities.

Detectives said the suspect set the fire by using paint from the store as an accelerant.

The diversion forced employees to pull an alarm. The suspect tried to sneak out in the chaos, but chose a locked door. Police said that forced him to ditch his items and leave in a white car."

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Gabriel said...

Motorized shopping carts: helping overweight criminals commit crimes since 1970.

David said...

He won't get a motorized cart in jail thankfully.